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Dog Charm Jewelry

Dog Charm Jewelry Set

Dog Charm Jewelry Set

Does your dogs collar look plain? Does it need a little bling? Then consider adding a charm to your pets collar. There are many choices for a charm to add to your dogs collar. Most charms are purchased individually, but here you can get a set of 6 charms for a great price.

With 6 charms you will be able to change the look of your dogs collar again and again.  There is a holiday candy cane charm and a snowman for the holiday and winter months.  The skull and crossbones is a cool Halloween charm.  There are 3 other charms in the set too.

You can also get a variety of heart shaped tags for your Valentine pooch.  You will find a wide variety of dog collar charms at

Bone Dog Charms

Pampered Bone Charm

Pampered Bone Charm

At we have just received these adorable bone dog charms.  The bone shaped tag is outlined with Swarovski crystals.  The tag is engraved with a cute saying such as “pampered”, “all bark no bite”, “bad to the bone” and others.

The lobster claw clasp makes it easy to clip on and off your dogs collar.  It can also be used as an embellishment to a dog carrier or purse. 

Most styles have a stamped paw print on one side end of the bone and a heart on the other.  There is a saying for almost every mood.

Check out to see these and other dog charms for your adorable pooch.

Dog ID Charms

Bone ID Tag
Bone ID Tag is featuring these beautiful dog ID tags from AnimalStars, Inc.  These tags are crafted in the USA from solid brass or nickel silver metal.  This style has the name or initial engraved on the front.  THe back can be engraved with a phone number and address if desired.

The rhinestones are hand set.  A clear coating is applied so the rhinestones will stay in place.  This is very useful for those dogs that love to play rough.