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If you have ever had a dog you will know that they literally become part of the family. As such, you want to give them the best life possible, ensuring they stay healthy and live a great life. The longer they live, the more you get to enjoy their company. There are hundreds of reasons for owning a dog, because they add so much to your life. But in return you should do the same for them. There are ways you can probably make your life better. Ways you may not even have thought of. These following tips can give you what you need to help your little friends out. You may have thought of one or two, but try the others and see how they help.


In the first instance you want to make sure you spend some time grooming your dog. It ensures their coat stays in a good conditions and looks great. It can also stop fleas and ticks taking hold. You may want to use Advecta flea & tick dog shampoo if the situation gets particularly bad. There are also vitamins you can buy for your dogs than help give them a glossy coat. It makes sleeping easier too because the fur isn’t mattes. Some dogs need this more than others, yet all could do with a groom every now and then.


If you have a dog that stays outside, which is usually the case with larger dogs like rottweilers and dobermans then you need to provide shelter. People buy kennels all the time the issue is their size. They need to be big enough for the dog to stand and turn around in. This way they can sleep in comfort. You should also use drainage and ensure the kennel doesn’t attract water when it is raining or leaking. Your best bet is to use a porch or some similar area to ensure your dog can stay inside, this is certainly the case over the winter months. Granted, some homes don’t have this. Just be sure the area you use is a good one and that you are treating your dog in the right way.


Dogs are sociable animals. If they weren’t kept with humans they would be living in the wild with each other forming packs similar to wolven. As such, even though you may bedeck them with all kinds of attention, they could do with seeing their own kind from time to time. Take them to the park for this. There will be other dogs there. It also teaches them the right social etiquette. If you have a friend who also has a dog you could consider taking them out together so that they make friends and enjoy each others companies. It can be one of the better decisions you make with your dog. Allowing them to enjoy mutual company on walks or runs in the park, beach or forest. A great way to beat this is by getting two dogs. This gives them a great bit of company. Just be sure you have the space, patience and time to look after two dogs. It will also cost more money for vet bills and food and such.

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Like any animal, dogs are very emotional. They have extremely strong feelings of happiness when they’re enjoying life. But, likewise, they can also suffer from issues like depression and stress. The complexity of their brains is surprising. And, it’s very easy to have your furry friend get sad on you. Thankfully, though, it’s arguably easier to make sure that they hve a good life; if you love them. To help you out, this post will be going through three considerations you have to make when you own a dog. So, now all you have to do is make sure he knows that he’s a good boy.


Dogs are very social creatures. They descend from wolves, which are naturally pack animals. This mentality remains in domesticated dogs. And, is part of the reason that they can be so selfless and loyal. But, it also means that you have to learn to communicate with them in the right way. Staring a dog in the eyes can often be a battle for dominance. So, this can be tricky to handle. With most dogs, though; you won’t have any issues with them trying to be the pack leader. Next, you have to consider the volume and tone of voice that you use when you address your dog. High-pitched and soft talking will reassure your dog. Shouting, though, will scare them. Most of the time, they won’t understand why you’re shouting at them.

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Animals like dogs and cats aren’t very good at understanding negative enforcement. If you really want to assert yourself with a dog, the worse you should do is a light tap on the rear. But, you should only ever do this when they are in the act of something naughty. Otherwise, it’s best to avoid punishment. They won’t understand it; so, it won’t improve their behavior. Instead, it’s much better to reward them when they do something good. Giving them some dog treats made in USA when they manage to go outside to wee for the first time could do wonders. But, rubbing their nose in an accident on the rug will only foster fear in your new friend. And, this isn’t the sort of welcome you would want into someone’s home. So, it’s not what you should do to your dog.

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Any pet takes a certain degree of attention. The more intelligent your pet; the more attention it will need. Dogs are some of the smartest pets around. And, though it might not seem like it, they are always desperate for your attention. It’s easy to let the time you put into looking after your pet drop off after a few months of it being in the house. But, it’s very important to keep walking, playing with, and fussing your dog until he or she can’t do it anymore. This will ensure that our dog has the most fulfilling life it possible can. And, you can sleep easy knowing that you’ve given them everything you can.


Hopefully, this will inspire you to start treating your dog much more like a member of the family. Your pets may only be a small part of your life; with work, friends, and family topping the list. But, to them, you’re everything. They know nothing else. So, it’s your duty to make sure that you play the biggest possible role in their life.


How To Care For Your Aging Dog

It may seem like yesterday that your dog was a puppy, staggering around the carpet on uncertain legs, and getting itself into all kinds of trouble by exploring its new home. However, just like humans, all dogs grow old, and their health will start to deteriorate. If your furry friend is starting to get into its senior years, it’s essential you know what to expect. Here are some pointers for caring for an elderly dog…


Schedule Regular Trips to the Vet

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At the very least, you need to make sure your dog is being examined once per year, even if it appears to be totally healthy. Many diseases that affect dogs can be completely undetectable to an untrained person. Aside from that, your vet will be able to tell you about the kinds of conditions your dog is at risk of, and how you can minimise their chances of getting them. It’s much cheaper to prevent diseases than to actually have them treated.


Ask for a Body Condition Evaluation in Each Visit


Having your dog’s body condition evaluated is essential when you want to determine if your pet is overweight, underweight, or just about right. Your veterinarian may be able to teach you how to check your dog’s body condition yourself. Still, it’s good to make a point of asking your vet for this procedure just to be safe.

Give Them the Right Food


Older dogs are more susceptible to conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, skin disease and similar worrying health problems. To prevent these, your vet will be able to give you some guidelines for the kind of diet you should be setting for your dog. This is especially important for overweight dogs, as they have to be fed very carefully to ensure they get all the nutrients they need, while still allowing for enough weight loss. Even if your dog is a healthy weight, it’s very important to make sure they’re getting a nutritious enough diet. You can read more about this at .


Take Care of Their Mouth


Brushing your dog’s teeth may seem like a bizarre, not to mention very difficult task. However, it can be a very important routine for maintaining a dog’s health as it ages. If you’ve never done this before, you can ask your vet to walk you through it during your next visit, or read guides like the one on As you can imagine, some dogs are more receptive to having their teeth brushed than others! If your pet won’t let you brush their teeth, there are various dental treats and toys that can help to maintain their oral health.


Get Some Exercise In!

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Obviously, every dog needs a decent amount of exercise to maintain healthy joints and muscles. However, you should still be tailoring their walkies schedule to their unique needs. Larger breeds could do a walk around the block in their sleep, but with breeds like a Chihuahua, a brisk loop around the corner could be like running a marathon! Again, ask your vet for guidance, and stick to an exercise quota meticulously.


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When you sign up to be a devoted dog owner, you sign up to all of it, and that means taking the great with the problematic. What we mean is, there are times when you have to make sacrifices, find a compromise or come up with a solution. This is especially true when it comes to traveling.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re going away on business or wanting to take a holiday, you need to know what options are available to you as a dog-owner, and which option is going to see your beloved pooch get the pampered treatment they deserve.


Well, we have come up with a few of the best options available to you, meaning all you have to do is ask your pup which they would prefer.


Get Yourself A Pet Sitter

When it comes to pampering your dog, no one does it better than you. You have absolutely everything a dog could ever dream of, from a memory foam mattress to organic treats. It is all under your roof. So why make them leave their creature comforts just because you have to? Why not get a dog sitter in to look after them? There are so many benefits from the cost-effectiveness to the ease, the security to the privacy. All it really takes is hiring someone you know and trust (could be a friend’s daughter) and talking them through your dog’s needs, such as feeding and walking habits. Simple.


Find A Friend

Another option that a lot of people overlook is that of calling on a friend. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Sure, it may not be quite as cushy as your home, but it is still a home. It is a domestic environment, with sofas to sprawl out on and a garden to stretch in. The other major benefit of this option is that your dog will probably already know and adore your friend, it is like their home away from home, and you know they’ll be left in great hands.


Call On A Kennel

Okay, so most kennel owners are steering away from the name kennel and choosing to call themselves Doggy Spas, and if that makes you feel better then we’ll go with it. The bottom line is, these are such a great option. Yes, they can be expensive, but the degree of care and love showed to the dogs that stay in these tend to be of the highest caliber. They know dogs. They love dogs; it is why they got into it in the first place. So if you do choose to go this route, well, you’ll know that your dog is getting tip top exercise, a comfy bed, the best food and some wonderfully clever toys.


Take Them With You

This may seem like an unconventional option, and one that you couldn’t possibly choose, but that’s probably just because you don’t know how to travel with your dog. But think about it. You’ll get to have your loyal companion with you, you’ll be able to care for him or her like the parent you are, dote on him or her, and share yet another adventure with him or her. Okay, this may not be so easy if you are heading away on a business trip, but if you are going on an outdoorsy vacation – even a city break – then your dog could be the thing that makes it extra special. Trust us.

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Taking your puppy on their first holiday can be one of the most exciting times for you and them. The chance to build memories together, explore a new place, strut along the streets of a quaint city or dance along the sands of an ocean view. But as idyllic as all these sounds, there is one major stress that you need to be wary of; packing their suitcase.


Of course, having a dog that’s okay travelling helps, but leaving something necessary behind is the thing of nightmares. That’s why it is important you have a checklist to work to, something visual that you can call on and tick off. As for the contents of this checklist, just read on:

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Make Sure People Know Who To Call

The most important thing above all is their collar and your address, which makes it the first thing you should pack and the only thing worth constantly checking you have. If you don’t already have an address disc, then it is well worth getting one done before you leave. This should have their name, your address and your telephone number on it. It is also worth checking that your collar can’t come off accidentally. The reason all this is so important is that you’ll be visiting a different place and, should you become separated, they won’t know their way home.


We All Love Our Own Beds

If you’re hoping to enjoy a series of relaxing evenings while you are away, then you best make sure your pooch has their creature comforts too, and this means their bedding. This will be the very thing that helps them get all settled and snuggled while they are in unfamiliar territory. Another quick thing to point out is, a lot of hotels don’t like the idea of them sleeping on the bed. We say go for it – it’s their holiday too – but have a bed to wave as you go by to stop them asking questions.


All The Fun And Games They Could Want

It’s a new place for them, a new adventure, so why not add some news toys into the mix. The choice of playthings seems to grow quicker than Youtube’s library, which means it can be pretty daunting know what is out there and what you should go with. But if you look at what the experts are selling, places like, you’ll be able to come to a pretty informed decision and buy your pooch the perfect going away present to play with when you are away.


A Dog’s Gotta Eat

Chances are, your dog has gotta a favorite food, and maybe a favorite brand of food and, well, they do deserve the best. That is why it is so important that you pack enough for your whole stay. After all, you wouldn’t want to get to your destination and find out they don’t stock your puppy’s preference. If you want to know what others consider the best food to be then just look at this list by The same goes for snacks. Of course, it is all about their preference (although that would be enough reason) because a new food could see them get an upset tummy, and an upset tummy could ruin your holiday.

A dog is for many people a member of the family that is why car rides are not complete without them. We all know that dogs are not able to seat still in a car and that is why they need seats. Apart from the regular seat covers, does a dog need others specifically for them? When you go through the dog section at the local store, one of the many accessories you come across is a car seat cover. This is how helpful it is.


Dogs are known to sit anywhere provided that it is comfortable for them. In most cases, these are not usually the cleanest places and you will often find dirt on the body of the animal. Since it is not possible to keep checking whether your dog is clean before they enter the car, a car seat cover protects the car seats and interiors from getting dirty. You need to keep your car clean on the inside to reduce the frequency of washing which in time may lead to premature wear and tear.


Have you ever seen a dog with its tongue out? In most cases, this happens when it is hot and the mouth drools as a way of cooling the canine. The weather does change all the time and you will not know for sure when your dog’s body will need to cool down. If this happens when your dog is in the car however, having a car seat cover protects the seats from getting wet. Even if you are sure that the dog’s saliva is completely free of any disease, you will need the seats to be dry when you offer someone a lift.


Most dogs tend to be playful when they are in a moving vehicle. They get excited when the outside appears to be moving and this gets them jumping up and down in the car. Apart from this playfulness being dangerous to the dog because it could cause them to be hit when it slips, its paws will scratch the seat covers when the dog lands and tried to gain balance. Having car seat covers ensures that any damage caused by the dog to the car seats is happening on the removable covers and not on the car seats.

A dog car seat cover is a necessity for your car when you have a dog that rides with you. You will prevent many expenses you would have incurred if the car seats get damaged in one way or the other.



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Valentine’s day is right around the corner and with that brings all the mushy, gooey love-stuff that couples can enjoy together. However, if you find yourself lacking in the “date-department” have no worries, your canine companion would love to spend the day with you.

Here are five fun and engaging activities to help you celebrate Valentine’s day with your bff.

  1. Enjoy a Spa Day

Nothing makes a day brighter than being pampered at a spa. Take advantage of this special day with a massage, a new hairstyle and even some much needed work on those “neglected” nails. After your pup is finished being pampered, treat yourself to your own spa session. You’ll feel great and your dog will look awesome, too.

  1. Valentine’s Day Play Date

Now that both you and your pooch are looking your best, why not meet up with some other pet parents for a Valentine’s day play date? Both outdoor and indoor dog parks are a great place for your furry friend to be off-leash and to socialize with other pups. Plus, many of these facilities (especially indoor) offer different activities for your pet to do like obstacle courses that will give your dog a full-body workout.

While your pup is playing, take the opportunity to meet new pet parents that may not have a special someone on this day either. Who knows? You might just make a connection.

  1. Pet Friendly Restaurants/Cafes

After your dog has run off some steam, treat yourself (and perhaps that new someone) to a coffee or even a meal at a pet-friendly restaurant or cafe. These canine-inviting establishments are popping up more-and-more and will allow your dog to join you on their porches or outside venues. Some may even allow the pets inside, but be sure to check before you enter with your dog.

  1. Pet Store Shopping Spree

After you’ve had a satisfying nibble, take a trip to your local pet shop (don’t forget to invite your new friend) for a pet store shopping spree. Most pet retailers welcome animals inside the store and may even show it my giving your pup a treat or two. And since it is Valentine’s day, pamper your pooch with a new heart-shaped or Valentine-inspired squeaky toy (or perhaps even a tug-toy made-for-two?) to commemorate the day.

  1. Homemade Doggy Treats

A special day calls for a special dog-friendly homemade treat, so instead of purchasing dog biscuits, bake your own. There are many easy DIY dog biscuits that you can whip up in no time. Your dog will love the wholesome, yet delicious treats that you made with love. Plus, it’s a nice way to spend a quiet evening or to get to know that special someone.

Valentine’s Day With Your Dog Could Be Amazing!

Spending quality time with your canine companion is always a great way to spend the day. Your dog will love the pampering, the socialization and the awesome treats. Plus, you never know when or where cupid’s arrow might strike next…this Valentine’s day with your dog could be amazing!



Sandie lee is a freelance writer that enjoys spending time with her three rescue cats. She hails from a smallish town in Ontario Canada which the residents jokingly refer to as the place with only two seasons; winter and not winter.

By H. Davis

Given the emotional bond most of us share with our animals, it’s only natural to feel devastated and filled with grief along with sadness after losing them. When a person you love passes away, for instance, it’s common for family and friends to console you and provide comfort. Unfortunately, although the emotional aspect is generally understood, society often forgets how tremendously complex grief and loss can be. Believe it or not, some people still don’t understand how central animals can be in people’s lives, and a few may not get why you’re grieving over “just a pet.”


Losing an animal is a thought most pet owners never want to think about, but unfortunately, must deal with at some point and time. While some people may not understand the depth of feelings you had for your pet, you should never feel guilty or ashamed about grieving for your animal friend. Instead, use this moment to help cope with the loss by comforting yourself, and begin the process of slowly moving on.


Understand Grief After the Death of Your Best Friend


Allow yourself to cry. In general, adults don’t like to cry in public, and we don’t like to share how we’re feeling. But bottling up your emotions is not a good for you, and could even make things worse by slowing down the recovering process. It’s important to remind yourself that loving a pet is no different from loving a person, and when you lose your pet, it’s normal for you to feel sad. Your feelings are not wrong, and you need time to work through your grief.


The grief process is as individual as the person, lasting days on end for one person, and years for another. The process typically begins with denial, which offers protection until the individual can realize their loss. Don’t try to minimize the bond you and your pet once shared. No matter what other people might say or think, I strongly believe your pet loved you just as much as you loved him/her. Let yourself believe this, too, and don’t rush to “move on.” After all, if it was the other way around, your pet would show clinical signs of mourning in your loss.


Seek out support. This is a great time to reach out to friends. The pet-loving people in your life understand what you’re going through and they’ll be there for you. Don’t be shy about talking with people who care about you and who will offer genuine sympathy. Asking for help is a great way to gather a support group. In other words, if you can’t deal with picking up your pet’s ashes or packing up their toys, ask a friend to help. If you need more support than friends can give, believe it or not, your veterinarian may be able to help you find a pet-loss support group or hotline to contact. There are also pet-centered websites for memorials, some which have staffed pet-loss support chat rooms. Try seeking the sites out.


Creating a new direction. This isn’t the fastest process, not a goal to reach quickly as possible, and but be advised that this is something that’s healthy for you. The task might even involve getting a new dog or other pet, perhaps the same breed or a different one. It might also mean volunteering at a shelter, or traveling to places you weren’t able to with your dog.


In addition to this, if your dog experienced behavioral issues, you might feel guilty about seeing this as an opportunity. But it’s also a realistic truth. The final task listed is about moving on and exploring new options for your life now that your situation has changed, but also holding your dog in a special place in your heart.


Make plans for a memorial. Whether it’s planting a tree, donating to animal shelters, or making a scrapbook. Whatever the case maybe, you’ll know what works for you. There are many options when it comes to planning a memorial. For example, if you want something simple and private, invite close friends and other pet lovers to host a small event. It’s about what you feel comfortable doing. By doing something positive during this time of sadness, we expand our focus by celebrating the life of the pet. Activities which may help pet owners include:


  • Planting a tree or flowers
  • Holding a funeral, or memorial service for your best friend.
  • Drawing a picture, or making a sculpture of your pet.
  • Framing a photograph


Take time off. While most private sector employees get paid bereavement time off, that time rarely extends to the loss of a pet. Still, you should take a day or two off from work in order to regain your sense of equilibrium. If your boss is a pet owner themselves, explain your situation to him/her, or simply just take a sick day. No explanation necessary.



Thanks for the read. I’m curious to know, what are some other ways pet-owners can cope with the loss of their four-legged best friend? Feel free to leave comments below. Thanks!

H. Davis is a freelance writer, who enjoys exploring the outdoors and watching baseball. If you can’t find him online, you might be able to catch him cheering on the Dodgers. Follow him on Twitter @Davis241. Thanks!

Have you heard the saying ‘If you want something to be done, give it to a busy person’? You may think that you’re far too busy for a dog, but chances are, if your life is already busy, you’re a resourceful person who understands how to make time for the things in life that really matter. It’s absolutely possible to get a dog if you have a busy life already – read on for some tips…


Get Organised


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You know the importance of making sure that your life is organised. There’s no better way to take excellent care of a dog than by making sure that you’re organised. There’s no need to go overboard and make up a fancy diet – what about canned dog food? The right brands are just as good as any diet that you could make up. Make sure that you add dog food to your weekly shopping list and that you’ve researched the breed before bringing your new dog home. Research is one of the key factors that will ensure a happy and settled home for your new dog right from the very first day.


Make A Schedule


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It’s absolutely crucial that you ensure that every member of your family pulls his or her weight. A lot of parents end up getting dogs when their kids are a little older after giving into years of persuasion, and if this is you, then you need to make sure that your children take turns looking after the dog and the responsibility doesn’t land completely on your shoulders. Obviously if your kids are a little younger this won’t be possible – no one’s advising you to give your toddler a can opener and a tin of dog food. But older kids should be able to manage small tasks like giving the dog food and water, and walking the dog around the block in the evening for a little exercise. In fact, it’s a great way to teach them how to be responsible and caring.


Get A Smaller Dog


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If you don’t have much time then it would be cruel and irresponsible to get a dog who’ll only be happy with a lot of attention and very long walks. It’s best to go for a smaller breed with less energy – or you could consider adopting an older dog from a pet rescue. Not only would they have less energy and just be happy to curl up in front of a warm hearth at night, but you’ll be doing something great by giving a dignified older dog some happy years towards the end of its life.


Be Realistic


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Make sure that you’re absolutely certain that you will have time in your life for a dog. Make sure that you’re realistic about what you can handle – a rescue dog with attachment problems will have very different needs to a young puppy, who will have very different needs to a calmer older dog. Talk to the shelter workers to make sure that the dog you’re getting will be happy in your home and that you’ll be the right owners for it.


Before you get a dog, it’s absolutely crucial to make sure that you’ve puppy-proofed your home. If we’re completely honest, it isn’t all that different from baby proofing – the same ‘no naked flames, no accessible cleaning products’ things apply to dogs as well! Read on to find out more about how to make your home suitable for your new canine pal

Dog Proof Your Garden


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You must make sure that your back garden is a safe environment for your dog to play in. First of all, make sure that your fences are secure and that they go down into the ground for a long way – a lot of dogs like to burrow underneath fences to escape to freedom, or they might leap over the top. Make sure that your fences are tall and that they aren’t easily accessible. Ensure that none of your plants are toxic and that you only use nontoxic ways of killing weeds and slugs that won’t hurt your pets.

Put Your Stuff Neatly Away


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A lot of dogs have been rushed to the vet emergency room as the result of eating something that their owners have left out. Make sure that you pick up your socks, that you don’t leave loose change discarded around, and that your kids are very vigilant about picking up their toys, particularly smaller pieces of lego. You also need to ensure that you lock away all of your cleaning products and any substances that can be toxic to dogs, including foods like chocolate and avocado. You should use childproof latches and locks to make sure that your dog can’t get into any cabinets, and remember that they can jump surprisingly high if they want to get to something, so put everything you want to keep away from them on the highest shelf you can.


Make Your Dog Comfortable


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Of course, your dog’s comfort matters almost as much as your own. Check out dog beds like the K9 Ballistics to provide a nice comfortable place for your dog to curl up whenever they fancy a snooze – although we all know that instead of going for the bed, they’ll probably choose a doorway, or wherever is most directly under your feet and likely to get them tripped over! Make sure that whatever bed you choose is hard wearing and heavy duty for any chewing that might occur.


Make Sure Your Fabrics Are Easy To Clean


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If you have the sort of dog that loves to leap up onto your couch to snuggle with you – or alternatively, to sprawl out and fall asleep – then chances are, you’ve encountered a few muddy footprints on there many, many times. Wipe clean fabrics are a godsend. Consider having a leather couch instead of a material one, or at least fling a throw blanket over your couch to protect it from fur and mud and paws. Hardwood floors are easiest for you to clean but they aren’t especially cozy for dogs to fall asleep on; if you have a rug, make sure that it isn’t deep pile, and that it won’t stain too easily.