Australian Shepherds Training is essential to having a well in sync and joyful dog. Aussies are working dogs, specifically they were bred as herders and the herding impulse runs deep in them. In addition, they regularly work at the herding without individual control, so they have a strong self-regulating streak and will ‘challenge’ for a place in your pack hierarchy. To keep the fight for top dog from discoloring your connection you need to set up proper family hierarchy from the moment you bring the puppy home. Here are three tips you can use to help your Aussie know his place and become a contented member of your family unit.

1.) Manage the physical space – In dog packs, the top dog will decide on his space first – the other members of the pack will arrange themselves after. Aussies may try to take your favorite chair, your space in bed, even stretch out in hallways or doorways to establish control. When your puppy first comes home, be sure you determine where their space is, and more significantly, where yours is – this is a important part of Australian Shepherd training. Let them curl up in your chair as a cute puppy and you will deal with a dog willing to bite at you to cling on to the chair. Be nice, but firm and offer liberal praise when they lay down in their own spot.

2.) Control the Schedule and the Food – Aussies are very self-regulating minded and will take for granted that if you let them do as they like, they have jurisdiction over what they do. This means that chow left in the bowl means they get to eat whenever they want. A vital part of Australian Shepherd training is to establish set times for food and goings-on. When you feed your Aussie, fill the bowl on a counter top, call the puppy over and ask them to sit – do not place the bowl down until they conform.

3.) Use Planned Play for Training – Aussies love to work. They get a authentic feeling of achievement from achieving tasks they are put to. A key to Australian Shepherd training for dogs is to present them to specific tasks early on. Fetch is the first and easiest command for them to become skilled at, but it won’t be long before they are capable of getting their own strap before a trip outside. Aussies are dogs that will bring your ‘pipe and slippers’.

Once your Australian Shepherds Training sessions have helped your puppy master the fundamentals you can move on to enjoyable training. With an Aussie, Fetch can easily translate into Frisbee, the chasing intuition can easily be transferred into obstacle running. The key with an Aussie is to without a doubt communicate what you demand and then to repay the dog for performing as anticipated. The key to making training convenient and fast is to keep sessions brief and focused, and to draw upon the breed’s innate desire to please. Letting an Aussie know you are content with them is essential to training success.

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