Breast Milk Baby’s Pooping Patterns

My wife and I are new at this parenting gig.  Our first son is now four months old.   Nothing can really prepare you for the kind of work it takes to be a parent.  Nothing can really prepare you for the joy of your own little baby either.   We probably look at each other, nearly tearing up, 10 times a day and say to each other, “I just love him.”  There is something about being a parent that just takes your breath away.   It’s the kind of love that you know you would do anything for your child.  And really, you have to because they are entirely dependent on you.   You love to hear him breathe.  You love to hear him make his little noises.   When he cries, you want to instantly soothe him.   You want to give him everything he needs.  And those little smiles can fuel you for a week.  But for all of that goodness that your baby brings into your life, there is one inescapable fact.  Babies poop.  Babies poop a lot.  

 This article is being written after one such lovely gift given to me from my generous son.   Now, my son is four months old.  He has just begun to eat some solid foods.  In the last 2 weeks, he has tried some oatmeal mixed with water or milk, green beans baby food and squash.   With the new foods come a new consistency in his stool.    He has graduated from the liquidy, seedy mess to a semi-solid state of poop.  

Now, I’ve been around poop a lot in my life.  For years, I was the designated pooper scooper of the family dog’s poop in preparation of mowing the lawn.   But if I can be perfectly honest, this childhood training did not prepare me for changing diapers.  I was the youngest child and never did any baby sitting.  It’s one thing to scoop away a pile of poop and fling it over the fence with a shovel.  It’s an entirely other story to have to be up close and personal with your baby’s flailing legs.  The procedure looks a little like this:

  1.  Baby eats milk and food.  After a few days, you see that face getting red and the grunts begin. 
  2.  The farting begins. 
  3.  There is a moment of eruption and your baby unloads. 
  4. You make your way to the nursery or pull out the diaper bag for the change
  5.  You take a deep breath and with fear, open up the diaper for a peak 
  6.  You review the damage 
  7.  Slowly exhaling, you assess what kind of clean up is necessary 
  8.  To spare wipes, use the diaper to get as much off your baby’s butt as possible   
  9. You use wipes on the rest, being careful to clean out every crevice (a feat more difficult than I expected now that my baby has gotten chubby
  10. Fresh diaper, new clothes and you’re done.  

 At home is a simple change, but when you are on the road, it’s a different ballgame.  Kind of like the NFL.    A blowout on the road can be a complete disaster.  Our baby seems to enjoy this, and he gets poop all over himself and on his clothes.   If our son is wrapped up in baby blankets,  they will head to the washing machine.   We wrap our son in these aden and anais blankets all of the time, and he has definitely dirtied a few.   The car seat may be the worst scenario because it can jetison the poop up his back.  Forget any kind of wiping here.  Just get to some soapy water.   

We are just a few months in as parents, but I have the feeling that we have many more poop adventures in front of us.  Oh, the joys of marriage and parenthood.