Do You Know Why Your Dog Has Bad Breath?

One of the most easily diagnosed canine ailments is bad breath and it is also an ailment that you must act upon quickly. Most of the time bad breath in dogs are quickly dismissed and considered to be natural, however bad breath can also be a symptom of a serious health problem you may want to address as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many pet owners do not regard bad breath as a serious matter and as a result their pets have suffered serious health conditions which have led to death. If your pet has bad breath, do not prolong the matter and consult a veterinarian immediately.

A Symptom of Serious Illnesses?

There are various reasons as to why your canine companion has bad breath. Figuring out what the cause is must be done immediately so that the necessary medical treatment may be applied. You may never know, your pet is already suffering from a serious illness, such as cancer, sinus or gastrointestinal problems, and the condition is worsening day by day. Here are a few causes of bad breath:


The most common cause of bad breath in dogs is dental problems such as plaque when food particles, bacteria and saliva accumulate. Prevention is the key solution to a dental problem before it worsens as plaque can lead to gingivitis and when gingivitis is untreated, periodontal disease can occur. As such, permanent damage and tooth loss can become a problem aside from bad breath. Dogs need strong and healthy teeth and gums in order to eat well and stay healthy.


Bad breath along with vomiting and yellow eyes is symptoms of liver problems. When this is left untreated, your pet may suffer from different ailments before the condition becomes fatal. Once you notice that your dog is showing these symptoms, do not hesitate to consult with a veterinarian.


Just like humans, bad breath in dogs can be a symptom of kidney problems. However, this is distinguishable if your dog’s breath somehow smells like urine. Kidney problems are a serious condition and immediate medical attention must be provided to your dog before it becomes severe.


Bad breath as a sign of diabetes may not appear to have the typical smell, because the odor will be sweet or fruity. When your pet also shows signs of frequent drinking and urinating, aside from bad breath, then you must visit a veterinarian and have it treated immediately.

Is Your Dog’s Bad Breath Treatable?

There is no specific treatment for bad breath in dogs since it can be a symptom of an array of health conditions. Nevertheless, modifying the diet of your pet as well as practicing proper dental care can help prevent health conditions that lead to bad breath. If your vet diagnoses your pet to have a severe health condition, then the treatment may be more extensive and also require medication.

Having your dog checked by a professional regularly is the best way to care for a pet. Always monitor your pet dog’s habits and health, while ensuring that it receives a complete, balanced and preservative free diet to keep bad breath and illnesses away.

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