stop bedbugs with mattress covers

Sleepsafe – Sleepclean’s own Lab Tested and Certified Bed Bug proof mattress, pillow and box spring covers.


Sleepsafe is a bed bug, dust mite, allergy and waterproof cover available for mattresses, pillows and box springs.


  • entirely bed bug proof – lab tested and certified as a secure bed bug control product for mattresses, pillows and box springs.
  • Advanced zipper invention with very small teeth and unique bed bug blocking protective pad and flap system means that no bed bugs can enter or exit the cover
  • Professionally sewn in USA by a medical specialist allergy and bed bug bedding maker.
  • A 144 stitch rate gives strong and impenetrable seams – keeping bed bugs contained or out of your mattress, pillow or box spring.
  • No seams, crevices or folds for bed bugs to hide or nest or lay eggs in. Will stop bed bugs from infesting your mattress.
  • 3.5oz / sq yard advanced poly yarn fabric is specially designed and woven for bed bug control and prevention. Bed bugs cannot bite through this fabric.
  • first-rate silky soft material , completely quiet and comfortable to sleep on .
  • A 6 sided cover, with the same breathable bed bug impenetrable fabric on all sides. Will stop bed bugs from escaping an infested mattress.
  • A very high breathability rating for a membrane fabric. Comfortable and soft to sleep on – with total bed bug protection.
  • A pore size of less than 1 micron – guarantees to stop bed bugs and bed bug bites.
  • Bed bug bite proof, bed bug escape proof, and waterproof.


See our frequently asked questions for this product here:


Q – Is this product certified to stop bed bugs?

A – Yes, the Sleepsafe bed bug mattress, pillow and box spring covers are lab tested and certified by the manufacturer to be bed bug proof.


Q – Can bed bugs escape or get through the zipper?

A – No, the zipper has extremely fine teeth, bed bugs cannot get through.


Q – Can bed bugs get through where the zipper ends?

A – No, our unique bed bug stopping protective pad and flap system guarantees zero penetration or escape by bed bugs at the ends of the zipper.


Q – Can bed bugs get into my mattress through the sewn seams?

A – No, our seams are sewn at a 144 stitch rate, this means that bed bugs cannot get into or out of a mattress, pillow or box spring.



Q – Are the bed bug mattress covers comfortable to sleep on?

A – Yes, Sleepsafe bed bug mattress covers are very comfortable to sleep on; they breathe well and are not noisy.


Q – What is the warranty on the Sleepsafe bed bug mattress covers?

A – Sleepsafe bed bug protective covers carry a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


Q – What are the washing instructions for these bed bug protective covers?

A – Sleepsafe bed bug protection covers can be machine washed (warm) and machine dried (medium heat).


Q – Are these bed bug mattress covers also waterproof?

A – Yes, the membrane within the fabric not only protects against bed bugs, but is also waterproof.


Q – What sizes are these bed bug encasements made in?

A – These bed bug encasements are made in crib, twin, full, double, twin extra long, queen, king and California king – and in mattress depths (thickness) of 9, 12 and 16”.


Q – I have an strange bed size can you make a bed bug cover to fit.

A – Yes, we can make a custom bed bug cover to fit any size – just email us for a quote.