Bloat, a very serious condition, can easily be fatal for your dog. The condition is characterized by stomach swelling when gas or fluid accumulates. It can take less than an hour for this condition to be fatal. This article will discuss everything you need to know about canine bloat.


Various things can cause this health problem. One of the most common causes is exercising too quickly before or after eating. Raised food bowls can also cause problems. Your dog can also develop bloat due to stress or gulping too much air.


Unfortunately, the symptoms of bloat in dogs can be difficult to notice easily. The abdominal area will be swollen, but maybe not enough for you to tell if you’re not looking carefully. In addition to the abdominal swelling, a dog with bloat will also salivate and pant excessively. He will also whine a lot and appear agitated. Dogs also attempt to vomit, but won’t produce anything.


As mentioned at the beginning of this article, dog bloat can be fatal in less than an hour. There won’t be time for the vet to take many tests, so he’ll likely begin treatment before making a diagnosis. For a definitive diagnosis, an x-ray and blood test will need to be performed.


Your dog will need to have excess gas or fluid removed in order to treat bloat. A tube will be put down the throat to give the fluid or gas a means for escape. However, this method is unsuccessful sometimes.

Your dog will need to undergo emergency surgery if the tube doesn’t work. The vet will make a cut into the stomach to give the fluid or gas a means for escape. Your dog may also be prescribed various medications. Steroids and antibiotics are commonly prescribed. If your dog suffers heart problems, he may need to take anti-arrythmics.

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