Want To Water Ski With Your Dog?

If you check out Youtube you’ll find lots of water skiing dogs but none of them does it any better than Chibi Williams.



Born to be wild, indeed!

Chibi, who lives in Florida with owner David Williams, not only water skis (technically wake boards), but also rides a motorcycle. (We wonder if Chibi has a driver’s license?)

According to ABC Channel 7 in Tampa, Chibi was part of a litter or pups that was euthanized but Chibi somehow escaped and ran away. Williams found the puppy and took him in. Since that time Chibi has been having a blast with his owner, taking every opportunity to live life.



Notice that Chibi wears a life jacket when he goes in the water.

There’s also a famous dog in Chicago who loves to water ski (wake board). Duma not only water skis, she drives the boat!



How cute is that!

Duma is a Jack Russell Terrier. Owner Cliff Bode says Duma took to driving the boat naturally. She doesn’t like getting wet very much which gives her an added reason to stay on the board when she skis.

Note, again, that Duma is wearing a life vest when she’s on the boat and around the water.

Does this look like something that your dog would like to try? Lots of owners do take their dogs water skiing and boating. Many dogs love the water and boating activities. If you do want to try some of these activities with your dog remember to stay safe.

  • Make sure your dog wears a life vest.
  • Teach your dog to swim.
  • Practice boating safety for yourself and everyone on your boat – that means wear life jackets; take a boating safety course; and don’t boat and drive. Plus, try to keep your dog from moving around the boat a lot. You don’t want him to fall in the water.

Play it safe and you and your dog can have a great time boating or water skiing this summer. If your dog takes up water skiing or other fun water activities, let us know. We’d love to hear about what you and your dog are doing. Send some pictures, too!

Even if you and your dog stay safely on the beach, take some cute pics and let us see how you’re enjoying the summer. Remember to use sunscreen on your dog if you have a hairless breed, a white dog, or a dog with very thin fur. Dogs can sunburn, too! Be careful of heat stroke, too, especially if you have a short-nosed (brachycephalic) breed like a Pug, Boxer, or Bulldog.