A border collie is an excellent companion dog . They’re happy, active, and playful all the time . That being said there are certain items that you should make sure that you put in a border collie doggie gift basket because they are so active .

When you are making your gift basket for a border collie , make sure that you always get them a ball . Border collies love to play fetch and a ball is the perfect item to use for this fun game ! A good inexpensive fetch ball that you can get is a tennis ball . One downside to using a tennis ball for a dog toy is the dog can chew off the felt and this will wear out the ball . Another good option would be a rubber ball, you can get these at any pet store .

Whenever you want to take a break from playing with your border collie, a kong will always entertain your border collie so you can relax . If you put food inside the kong, it will be great entertainment for your pooch, they will spend hours trying to get the food out of it . Peanut butter is a good choice for putting inside the kong because dogs just love peanut butter and it is healthy for them. .  You can also try the various flavors of kong paste .

Another must have item to include in your basket for your border collie is a leash . You will spend a lot of time walking your border collie, and it’s important that you have a good leash . My favorite kind of leash is the retractable kind so that it takes up less room when you have to store it, but it can extend to great length when you need it to .

Now that you know exactly what to get your active, playful border collie, go shopping . Just remember when you make a dog gift basket for your border collie, include the things you know your dog will enjoy . If you plan on gifting a basket to another dog or dog owner many of the same things can be used in the doggie gift basket .