What is a Bully Stick?

Bully sticks, sometimes called pizzles, are made of a bull’s penis. Thus, they appear as long, brown sticks, that are generally cut into sizes appropriate for a dog’s consumption. Bully sticks are an excellent source of necessary protein, vitamins, hormones and nutrients. They are offered in a number of shapes and sizes and are presented as braided bully sticks, curly bully sticks (often marketed as flossies), bully stick knotted bones, jumbo bully sticks and bully stick rings. If you are interested in ordering gourmet dog treats, pure Angus bully sticks, free range bully sticks and carob dipped bullysticks can also be found.

Other Wholesome Dog Treats

The family dog is actually a member of the family. As such, you would like to do every little thing you can to help your pet feel good and remain healthy. Except, how do you select dog treats that are nutritious? Learning how to read labeling on the pet foods you buy may well be easier than you think. The key ingredient is shown 1st and, just like the food we eat, you want to look for wholesome and 100 % natural ingredients as the prime ingredients in a treat. As an example, chicken, liver, beef and peanut butter dog treats tend to be easy to find. An additional option is to create your very own self-made dog treats and biscuits. The net is full of dog treat recipes which can be as easy as mixing up a few simple foods! A good number of pet owners enjoy honoring birthdays, for instance, with tasty homemade doggy birthday treats. Not to mention, if your dog has specific nutritionary requirements, it may well be best to prepare your own wholesome dog treats and dog food. Some ingredients which you will want to limit include raisins, garlic and onions. And remember, chocolate isn’t appropriate for your dog’s ingestion. Carob, and also white chocolate that doesn’t possess the hazardous component in regular chocolate, are very good substitutes.

When Should You Praise with Dog Treats

Dog treats don’t have to be presented for good behavior exclusively. Much like we enjoy a little bit of indulging from time to time, there’s nothing wrong with spoiling your best dog. Nevertheless, if you’re employing treats for incentives, it’s important to provide the treat shortly after the good behavior because a dog is only going to associate the treat with events that recently happened. Moreover, you may want to make sure your dog does not get a goody just after bad behavior since this will undo any attempts to suppress it. But, provided that your dog treats are healthy, there isn’t really cause to limit them. A bully stick is an excellent reward to give your dog for excellent behavior.