How to Extend the Life of Your Carpet!

Carpet is still one of the most popular floors that is available on the market. Nearly everyone has at least some form of carpet in their house and most people have mixed feelings about it. Some people love the feeling of carpet, but do not like the look of carpet or keeping it clean. The truth about carpet is that it is a great floor if you maintain it properly. However, if it remains uncleaned for long periods of time, it can mat down and become dirty. How often are you supposed to clean your carpets and what benefits does it give you? Let’s explore the basics of carpet cleaning.

Major carpet manufacturing companies recommend you should have your carpet cleaned every 18-24 months. Most carpet warranties enforce that you do this in order to keep your warranties in tact. Without a cleaning receipt, your warranty could be voided depending on which type of carpet you get. Why would it void the warranty?

Everyday people walk on carpet, and everyday some dirt and soil is released into the carpet fibers .Soil can be hard on the fiber of the carpet. Even if you can’t see the dirt on the carpet, it can get onto the fiber. When you continue to walk on the carpet after it has been soiled, the soil will destroy the carpet fiber. This can have negative effects on the stain treatment as well as the texture retention of the carpet.

Another great reason to have your carpets cleaned is that it will actually make your carpet look like new again. Most carpet made today is made with a heat-set technology. This means that your carpet fiber has a memory that responds to heat. When you have your carpet steam cleaned, the heat actually does the carpet good besides cleaning it. When your carpet is exposed to heat, it will actually twist itself back up to a certain degree. In many cases, it looks like you just got new carpet again. Now depending on how bad your carpet is, this may or may not work. If you have a polyester carpet, this may not work as well either. If your carpet has been down for 3 years and you’ve never made an effort to clean it, one steam cleaning isn’t going to make it look brand new again. However, if you do this regularly over the life of your carpet, it will make a considerable impact .

The most common reason people get their carpets cleaned is to obviously remove all the nasty junk that gets stuck in there. Even though it might not look dirty, some pretty nasty things can be trapped in the fiber of your carpet. Mold, spores, dirt, pet dander, and other unwanted things can be trapped in your carpet if you don’t clean it. This can lead to an dity living environment for you and your children . Cleaning the carpet will also improve the air quality of the rooms that the carpet is located in.

Having your carpets cleaned by a carpet cleaner has many benefits for you as a homeowner. You’ll have a cleaner, more care-free environment in which to live. In addition to that, your carpet will look better and last longer as a result.