Whether your pet wears fur, feathers or scales, there exists a good chance it will become ill during its life. No matter the cause, this will often require a visit to the veterinarian, who may need you to administer follow-up treatment or medication. This could prove to be harder than pronouncing the name of the ailment, since many pet owners can attest to the perils of administering medication to a sick or injured animal.  By using a compounding pharmacy, owners can have custom made prescriptions filled based on their pet’s individual needs, including knowledge of any allergies or dietary restrictions.   

There are several reasons why veterinarians utilize the services of compounding pharmacies. Although there are many pharmaceutical companies that produce veterinary medications, large manufacturers are unable to take the variables of individual animals under consideration. Mass produced medications are created in one-size-fits-all formulations, while a compounding pharmacy is able to combine appropriate ingredients to create medications tailored for specific patients.

If your pet has a sensitive stomach, or is allergic to certain fillers or preservatives, these compounding pharmacies can remove them to ensure Fido gets the meds he needs minus the extras that could make him sick. These facilities can also often combine needed ingredients into various forms and flavors, making the medication process easier for both animal and owner. For instance, expecting a cat or dog to cooperate in swallowing a foul-tasting pill, essential for their pain management, can be an exercise in frustration for both parties. When the same medication can incorporate a tasty chicken flavoring that’ll be ingested with gusto, frustrations vanish.

Other reasons to have drugs tailored to individual cuddly patients include dosage amounts. Because of differences in metabolic process and temperament, even animals of the same breed could require different dosages and forms of delivery. A compounding pharmacy may produce the exact amounts that any individual animal may need at any given time. Additionally, a similar preparation can often be delivered in various forms; a choice of drops, chewable tablets, creams or transdermal gels could be more suitable in your particular case. Each of our pets has its own needs and temperament, so a discussion with your veterinarian will quickly reveal the very best treatment for your furry friend.

Although specially compounded formulas cost more than those that are mass produced, the savings in waste, time and energy expended when endeavoring to administer a distasteful treatment to a reluctant animal is definitely worth it. Additionally, adding flavoring to make the delivery of the medication simpler is minimal, usually about five dollars per prescription.

More veterinarians are turning to compounding pharmacies because they often carry medicinal ingredients that are no longer available from the large companies and are more amenable to catering to the needs of different animals. Recognizing these differences makes the compounding pharmacy a very important friend to both pets and their human buddies.

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