Guide To Constipation In Canines

Dogs suffering from constipation are like uncomfortable and in pain. However, it’s usually not a very serious problem. Older dogs are very susceptible. However, any age or breed can be affected. Let’s take a look at things that cause constipation in canines.


Your dog can develop constipation for a wide range of reasons. Eating human food is one of the leading causes. This include rice, sugar, dairy, and bread. Foods that have a large amount of protein can also cause the condition.

Constipated can also occur if your dog is dehydrated. Canines that ingest foreign objects can also develop it. Common objects include buttons and coins.


The most obvious sign is straining while trying to pass stool. Your dog may yelp or display some other form of pain. They will also spend longer than usual when going to the bathroom. Although they spend more time trying to defecate, they usually produce very little. Other common symptoms of dog constipation include bloating and loss of appetite.


Fortunately, constipation in dogs is pretty simple to deal with. It’s important that you add more fiber to your dog’s diet. Increased fiber can be found in special dog foods. You can also give him a fiber supplement.


In most cases, you can prevent your dog from becoming constipated. It’s also important to provide your dog with plenty of fresh water. This is very important during the hotter months. Constipation can also be prevented by maintaining a diet with plenty of fiber. Daily exercise will also help prevent constipation.

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