3 Breeds And What They Need

Dog’s are just like us, they come in lots of different shapes and sizes and have different temperaments. Some need to go for long walks, others only need a little exercise. Some dogs have long hairy coats which shed, and others don’t. There is a big difference between them depending on their breed. Make sure you’re taking into account your dog’s breed, and what it needs.





Dalmatians are beautiful spotty dogs made famous by the films. More people than ever want one, but you have to know how to look after them. Dalmatians are athletic dogs and have been bred for thousands of years.

These dogs are affectionate and interact well with other dogs as well as children. This makes them great for first-time owners. They also respond well to training. Dalmatians are incredibly playful and have lots of energy. They should be exercised in secure areas as they are capable of roaming for miles without tiring! Dalmatians need a lot of exercise so only get one if you can keep up. Running with your dog and lots of play will keep it fit and healthy.

Dalmatians have a short coat that doesn’t require much attention. Brush regularly to remove dead hairs, but other than that they’re fairly low maintenance.



There are three main types of bulldog, American, French, and English. They often get a bad rep but this is due to the owners rather than the dogs themselves

English bulldogs are small dogs which were bred for working with bulls. Despite their past, these dogs now make very loving pets if treated correctly. Bulldog area has some more information about these popular pets on their site. The bulldog’s temperament often surprises people. It is in fact very docile and obedient. The bulldog is a fiercely loyal dog which is stubborn but also willing to please.

Bulldogs also don’t need much grooming in terms of their coats. But be sure to clean between the fold of their skin so that infection doesn’t set in. Because of the size and power of their jaws, regular dental checkups are required. Take care to keep teeth clean and well maintained.

The American bulldog is muscular and larger than the English bulldog. Their temperament is similar to an English bulldog and they are loyal to their owners. Training is essential and they do need strong leadership. French bulldogs are fun-loving and free. They are more unrestrained than other types of bulldog and are a family favorite.



Labradors have a great reputation as loving lap dogs who love attention and fit right into a warm and loving family,

They are loyal and intelligent dogs and make great first time pets because they’re so easy to train. It doesn’t need excessive exercise, just regular trips to a park or field for walks. They’re also great with kids because they’re so playful and gentle.



Dog Breed Groups (Part 6)


All pure breeds of dog can be categorised by 1 of 7 groups. These categorisations are used by bodies that organise dog shows in order to ensure parity in high level competitions and it is possible for one breed to be in several groups. The names of the groups are loosely based on the specific function the dog has, for example there are working dogs, non-sporting dogs and Terriers to name but a few.

Group 6 Utility Group

The Utility Group is probably the group with the widest selection of breeds and includes many breeds from the Working Dog group. These are breeds that are fit for purpose and are not necessarily linked by any specific trait. For example the Dalmatian, made famous in the Disney film 101 Dalmatians and was once kept as guard dog and at the other end of the scale there is the Toy Poodle bred to be a companion dog to the 18th century English aristocracy, as diverse as two breeds could possibly be, yet both in the Utility Group.

Characteristics & Care

The very fact that the breeds are so diverse means there is no one characteristic that links them other than these are breeds that were developed with a particular objective in mind. Perhaps it was to guard royalty, compliment the nobility or to provide companionship. The Utility Group has served man for hundreds of years and regardless of the objective at the time, in the modern day, every one of the breeds now competing in dog shows all over the world with displays of expertise.

The preparation for these shows is significant, and all dogs will be groomed to the highest standard using top quality equipment from established manufacturers like Wahl, and Oster.


There are nearly 30 breeds in the Utility Group, all of varying sizes and all having different requirements when it comes to care and maintenance. But all these breeds do have one thing in common. They are intelligent, and so need mental stimulation to keep them from being bored, so good quality dog toys, preferably with a puzzle solving element, and they all require their human counterparts to take the time to bond with them through play.


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