Every dog owner wants great dog accessories for their furry friend, but sometimes we just don’t want to pay a massive amount for them. Shopping online, shopping clearance sales at the local pet shops, and even finding cute hand made items can still end up costing more than you really want to spend. Well, instead of spending a ton of money on little accessories for your favorite pooch, why not learn how to make some cute ones at home without spending any money? Here are three easy do-it-yourself ideas for cute dog accessories that you can easily pull off at home:


  1. Onesie T-Shirts: For those with smaller dogs or toy breeds, you love seeing them in cute little shirts and other dress up fun but those outfist can be expensive. So why not make your own out of some cute little onesies? You can easily take old or new onesies for babies and turn them into super cute dog shirts. Here’s what you’ll need: 1 onesie, needle and thread (or sewing machine), scissors, pencil or pen, and a ruler. Rule of thumb for these cute DIY shirts, if your dog weighs less than 15 pounds you will need a newborn size if they are 15 and above you will need the 0-3 months size, and if you have a 6 pound or under pooch, look for preemie sizes. Now, put the onesie on your dog with the graphic up on their back. Mark off where the bottom should be cut right about where their hips start, so nothing is in the way of them walking. Cut along that line, then sew a simple hem in that area of the onesie. Once your hem is done, so is your new dog shirt! It really is that easy!
  2. Snazzy Dog Collars: Oh don’t fall for those cute little blinged up collars at the pet store that cost $20 or more. You can easily make your own at home with just a few things and you’ll be able to totally customize it however you want! Here’s what you’ll need: a plain dog collar of your choice, different sized and colored rhinestones, hot glue gun, and tweezers. Now, you simply warm up the hot glue gun (which can be found at most larger discount stores for less than $10) and use the tweezers to hold the rhinestones as you put a small dot of hot glue on them. Place them on the collar where you want them to go with the tweezers and let dry. You can use strong craft glue for this, but hot glue will give and bend a bit more when the collar is bent around your dog’s neck. With this easy idea, you can make different collars for different times of the year or as your dog gets older.
  3. Costumes: Halloween and other holidays mean fun dress up times for your tiny dog but expensive items for you. Thank goodness there are thousands of different dog costume patterns out there that you can easily make at home! It is a bit harder to show you exactly how to do these all in one article, because there are so many different costumes out there. The great thing is that there are hundreds of free patterns that you can find all over the place for costumes like hot dogs, a shark eating your dog, a cowboy, and so on. Or with just a little bit of imagination at a thrift shop in the kid’s section, you can find some great ideas for the perfect dog costume for your little baby.


With just these three little ideas, you can easily cut out some of the biggest costs that come with dog accessories. Making your own collars, your own clothing, and your own costumes for your dog will not only help you save money, but it will help keep you up on the latest trends in dog accessories as well as your pooch looking as cute as possible.

We all know that our dogs have to have food and water and love, but there is more to caring for a dog than just those three things. There are many other areas, such as exercise, bathing, brushing, and so on that help ensure a dog is happy and healthy. If you are new to owning a dog or you simply want to make sure that you’ve got everything covered, here are five dog accessories that you simply cannot live without:

  1. Collar – This might seem like a given but you need to make sure that you have the right collar for your dog. Smaller dogs won’t need a big, sturdy collar, a thinner one will do just fine, but larger breeds will need a sturdy collar that won’t break when you’re out for a walk on a leash. You also want to make sure that you have the right fit on your dog’s collar, if it’s too small, you can choke your dog, and too big means they can slip out of it, losing any ID tags they have.
  2. Brush – You may think that you don’t have to brush your particular dog breed, but every dog needs to be brushed. There are several reasons for this, the main one being that it helps to curb shedding any time of the year. Every dog breed sheds, some just more than others, by brushing your dog, you can stop most of the shed hair from sticking to your furniture, clothing, car, and carpets. Plus brushing is a great way to inspect your dog for any bites, bumps, or other problems that you may not notice by simply patting them on the back. Talk with your groomer about what brush is right for your particular dog breed.
  3. Leash – Sure this one goes hand in hand with the dog’s collar, but do you have the right size leash for your dog? You want to make sure that you give your dog enough room to run without being so far away that you cannot control them. Also, you need a strong leash with a good clasp that isn’t going to break if your dog tugs on it. The last thing you want is for your dog to go chasing after a squirrel on a walk and get away from you and get hurt. Make sure that your dog’s leash is good quality that won’t break, yet still gives them enough room to run and exercise.
  4. Bedding – Some of us are guilty of letting our dogs sleep on our beds with us, but they still need their own bed, their own space. You can find all different sizes of pet beds that will fit your dog perfectly. These are pretty inexpensive, usually less than $20 (except for the very large ones) unless you want something very specific or designer, which will cost more. Pet beds offer your pet their own space in your house. You should set up their bed along with some of their toys in a corner or spot where they know that is their own space. It will give them a place to feel safe in when they are scared or lonely.
  5. Treats – We all love to reward our dogs with treats, but are you giving the right ones? Some treats can be bad for your dog, packing on extra weight they may not need or just being overall junk food for your pet. There are plenty of great treats out there that help with cleaning their teeth, bad doggie breath, and so much more. And if you are wary of all the different ingredients in your dog’s treats, you can easily make some of your own for your furry kiddo.


Of course, you may decide that you need other dog accessories for your pampered pooch, but these are the main five – aside from food, water, and love – to keep your dog happy and healthy for a long time to come.

All dog owners enjoy to buy dog playthings for their pet. Naturally, creating sure you choose the proper dog gadgets is quite critical. All dogs are different, they have unique prefers and temperaments. More than that, it is absolutely vital to guarantee the gadgets you buy your dog are absolutely safe. There possess recently been terrible tales about dogs becoming hurt or even killed by unsafe tea sets. So we can be providing most handy suggestions to aid you in picking a secure, fun toy for your treasured pet.

The initially issue you would like to do is examine all the high-quality print, so to communicate. Guarantee that you read every tag on each and every toy you are considering. Which is one of the finest techniques to be sure the toy is a excellent, secure decision for the dog. You need to be sure your dog can chew on any toy you give him because, come on, we all comprehend which a lot dogs chew the dickens from every thing these folks can find!

Chew playthings are not only great and fun for your dog, but advantageous to you. Believe it or not, one goal of tea sets for dogs is to keep your home and the points in it secure. How does which work? Well, if your pooch is busy chewing the heck from his favored toy, after that he will not be chewing the heck from your favorite toy, or pair of shoes, or DVD, or belt, or you get the idea.

So, you have read almost everything you want on the labels. Following up, you need to ensure that you pick out a toy your pooch should truly prefer. We possess all seasoned that second where we give our dog a toy which he basically spins his nose up at and ignores forever. Dogs are individuals. These folks possess their own unique personalities. These folks know which they enjoy and you could too.

Some dogs adore playthings that squeak past all reason. You almost certainly do not, but your dog may love nothing at all over making a little plushie monster squeak. Mostly overlook about the incessant noise, get your dog anything he loves!

The dimension of the toy you pick is an important consideration. You must never ever before get the dog a toy on that your dog could choke. Even modest dogs can get more compact tea sets stuck in their throats. Consider cautiously just before picking out any modest games.

Dog toys are not very difficult to select out, as prolonged as you comprehend what your pooch prefers. Constantly consider what tends to make your dog happy. Far more importantly, guarantee which any toy you pick could be secure for your dog.

Discovering The Right Dog Toys

These days, dogs are a thing which people love and adore and these folks want to buy the very finest dog tea sets that cash can buy. How can you do which if you do not realize exactly what sort of dog tea sets are out there? Well, which is which this specific write-up is all about, finding the ideally suited games for your dog that not only will retain their extra attention but it is additionally something which could ensure that they are kept safe.

First tip up is heading to be reading each single bit of the high-quality print. You would like to make sure which any fda required labels that are on the dog toy, you are reading. That way, you comprehend exactly what you are finding your self into and you understand exactly what kind of toy you are acquiring. Immediately after all, you want to uncover a toy which is going to be really safe and fun!

Chew toys are anything that many dogs enjoy and these folks are also a benefit for you, for if you possess a pooch that chews a heck of quite a few, your items could be safe, for these folks can chew on the toy! Dogs possess been known to ruin a lot, but you can trustworthy release a lot of that via receiving them chew tea sets.

Finding a toy that your dog is going to really like is vital too. Even though you desire something that is going to be protected, you desire something which the dog is heading to basically consider an curiosity in, that can be tough if you have a picky dog. This is wherever adjusting into your dogs personality is going to appear into play, for you want to ensure that the dog is heading to want to play with the toy.

A toy with a squeaker in it is a thing that most people hate, nonetheless the dogs appreciate. That may be a decision that you have to make, nevertheless if you desire your dog happy, you might simply be able to escape with offering the dog the squeaky toy once in a while!

Ultimately, the dimension of the toy is going to be very crucial as well. You desire a toy which is not solely heading to fit in their mouth but it is on the larger side. That way, you can ensure that the dog will certainly not be capable to choke on the toy when you are not nearly or also if you are.

As you can see, choosing the really finest dog toys for your pooch is not hard, simply make sure that you follow these recommendations and tips and you should be fine!