Dog Proofing: As Easy As It Is

Excessive Dog Barking


<p>So, you’ve figured out the sleeping agreements for your new pet, but have you dog-proofed your home? Dogs (and especially puppies) are masters at getting into things.</p><p>Look around your house. Some areas might be obvious; others will not be so obvious. If there are areas you don’t prefer your dog to get into, be sure that they’re behind close doors – and keep them closed at all times. Otherwise, invest in a good set of baby or pet gates that you can walk through but your dog can’t.</p><p>Moreover, stay away your dog from any spots of your house where his security is not assured like swimming pool or garage (rescue him from antifreeze toxicity!!).</p><bold>Your House</bold>

<p>Your house is most likely going to be the main place your dog will live. Look through each of the rooms for items your dog might be able to chew and ingest. Not just anything at his stature level, include everything that his paws could reach like:</p><br>•         Alcoholic beverages</br><br>•         Bathroom and shower cleaners</br><br>•         Candles</br><br>•        Children’s toys,harmful for dogs when they chew or swallow any of those.</br><br>•         Chocolate bars – highly toxic to dogs (Dark chocolate is much more poisonous than milk chocolate.)</br><br>•         Clothes, especially socks</br><br>•         Tooth floss – can become lodged in throat or intestine.<br><br>•         Electric cables</br><br>•         Garbage bins</br><br>•         Glass knickknacks</br><br>•         Grapes-toxic to some dogs</br><br>•         Houseplants</br><br>•         Irons and ironing platforms</br><br>•        Kitchen knives</br><br>•         Medications – including ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and aspirin and vitamins</br><br>•         Nuts (Particular sorts of nuts such as macadamia nuts may cause paralysis.)</br><br>•         Onions – can cause anemia</br><br>•         Paper shredders</br><br>•         Nickels – can cause “penny poisoning” due to their zinc substance</br><br>•         Pens, paper and other small things that could be chewed or swallowed</br><br>•         Plates and glasses – can be knocked over</br><br>•         Aromatic soaps, potpourri, scented plug-ins, and air fresheners</br><br>•         Sewing needles and craft kits</br><br>•         Shampoo, conditioner, and mouthwash</br><br>•         Suntan lotion</br><br>•         Toothpaste – really toxic on dogs</br>

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