You have done all your research and found the best dog boarding kennel for your beloved pet. You have toured the facilities, taking your dog with you so that he can check things out too. You?ve asked all the right questions, and gotten all the right answers. But you are still wondering how the actual stay itself will go for your pet. Will she miss you? Will he be scared or nervous? Most dogs will experience a certain level of anxiety when being away from their home, but there are a lot of things you can do to reduce the stress your dog may feel when staying at a dog boarding kennel. These tips will help you and your dog relax a little more.

1. Leave something with them that smells like home. Their bed or blanket, or even one of your t-shirts (before you wash it). The familiar scent will provide them comfort in this new environment.

2. Give your dog something to chew on. The act of chewing releases neurotransmitters in the brain which helps dogs relax. Even if your dog doesn?t normally chew on toys at home, it might help him relax when you are not around. Make sure you provide a safe chew toy; my favorite brands are Kong and Nylabone.

3. Keep your dog on her regular diet. Stress can cause gastro-intestinal issues, no need to exacerbate that by switching up her food! If the dog boarding kennel you chose will not feed your dog the food you provide, consider another kennel.

4. Set a good example for your pet by remaining calm and collected! As you probably already know, your dog is super sensitive to your feelings and emotions. Allow plenty of time when you drop your pet off so that you are not rushed. Say a quick, upbeat goodbye, and leave knowing you have chosen a great and the staff will take good care of your dog. If you have a hard time staying un-emotional, ask a friend or family member to drop off your dog for you. You will be doing yourself and your pet a favor.

There are also several ways that a good kennel can help reduce your dog?s anxiety. If you haven?t narrowed down a dog boarding kennel yet, or even if you have, there are some key questions you should ask to make sure your dog has the most pleasant stay possible.

1. Do they maintain a regular feeding and playtime schedule? Continuity is important to dogs. They are creatures of habit and will be comforted by routine.

2. Is each kennel separated by a solid wall? Your dog will feel safe and secure in his kennel if it feels like it?s his own little doggie den.

3. Do dogs play in small play in small playgroups? More than eight dogs to a group are too many and will cause your dog unnecessary stress.

4. How often do the dogs get outside? Four or more times a day is optimal, two times is the absolute minimum! Some dog boarding kennels will expect your dog to stay outside and play all day. If this is the case, make sure they are given structured down time. Even the most energetic dog needs to rest and nap

Keep in mind that regardless of the dog boarding kennel you choose, and how well adjusted and outgoing your pet is, your pet is going to experience a certain level of stress. Remind yourself that you have done a great job choosing the kennel, and providing your dog with all the tools necessary to stay calm and relaxed, and then try to relax a little yourself ? you deserve it!

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