Why Do Dogs Bury Bones

Burying bones, Dogs barking and chewing is something dogs often do. Dogs have always been depicted as bone burying animals in cartoons, in movies and in children’s books. Dog owners are also exposed to the inclination of the pets to bury bones.

A dog carrying a bone on its mouth would furtively look around and try to look for the best hiding spot. As soon as the ideal hiding place is found, the dog will dig madly and speedily bury the bone. Do you know why your dog is burying bones What encourages a dog to bury bones? The pet may not be aware why it is burying bones as scientists believe that this is an instinctive habit to survive.

Dog experts believe that the habit of burying bones, similar to other canine behaviors is an instinctual nature that have survived in spite of domestication. Dogs bury bones to survive thus this habit is as old as the dog’s existence. Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years but these animals have been in existence for millions of years. Primitive dogs have lived harsh lives in the wild and the habit of burying foods has been a great help to survive. The ancestors of modern day dogs have had difficult lives. Dogs in the wild constantly need to be on the lookout for predators and to safeguard their food from other animals that would want to have a share of the prey.

Humans hoard food. Squirrels make sure that the tree hollows are filled to the hilt with nuts and acorns. Even ants fill their anthills with food in preparation for the rainy days. Dogs bury bones to hoard food. In the wild, food is hard to come by. A dog that has hunted a prey would need to secure the “bounty” not only from other animal but also from members of the pack. What was hidden will be uncovered when hunting is nil. The buried prey may already have rotted but the bones rich with nutritious marrow will remain to fill the hungry stomach of the dogs.

Modern day dogs no longer need to hunt as food is regularly provided by the owner. Pampered pets don’t have to bury bones to survive but they do because it is an instinctive behavior. The ingrained habit makes dogs dig holes to hide their bounty. Dog owners would just be surprised to find treats and bits of food hidden on the dog’s bed. Dog owners would just have to accept the fact that the dog may destroy the garden once in a while to bury its treasured bones.