If you have a dog that loves going out and you also happen to be a keen driver you probably take your canine pal with you quite frequently. However, while once or twice can be alright you shouldn’t make it a habit to drive your dog around without some proper dog car seats in your vehicle. Just like a baby requires a specialized baby car seat a dog can also benefit greatly in terms of traveling safety if you let it ride in a specially designed seat.

Size is the most important consideration in this purchase. First, you should realize that not every dog is suitable for riding in the front. There are some breeds that have a frame that’s just way too large to allow the animal to comfortably sit in the front seat, in which case instead of buying a small front car seat for your dog, you should look for a seat cover for the back seat and let the dog sit there.

In addition, even though the sizes for dog seats tend to be standard and most manufacturers stick to those standards there are still some variations from one model to another so make sure you have your car’s exact dimensions handy (more specifically those of your seats).

If your dog tends to release a lot of loose fur, there are some seat designs that can accommodate to that problem by retaining the hair that falls off and allowing you to easily clean it later. This kind of feature tends to add quite a bit to the price though, so make sure you really do need it before investing in a seat that offers it.

And of course you shouldn’t just blindly get the first dog car seat you see – think about how it will suit your car’s design and get something that will actually look good on your current seats and seat covers. You may not find a suitable-looking model from the first manufacturer you examine, but don’t limit yourself to the choices they’re giving you and have a look at what other companies/stores can offer you.

You won’t be buying another dog car seat any time soon, so you might as well make this one first choice really count. Last but not least, consider your dog’s opinion – give the seat a test drive if the seller allows it, and give your dog the occasional eye to see if it’s comfortable.