If you are looking for a good way to keep your dog secure , and still make an excellent fashion statement, consider purchasing several leather dog collars for different occasions.

It doesn’t matter what size your dog is , there is a fashionable collar out there just for them. Many people who turn to leather for their dogs collars have learned that they are tougher , won’t fray, and won’t irritate a dogs skin like some of the synthetic materials. Another advantage is that the colors used to dye the leather won’t bleed onto a dogs fur as long as you purchase one that is made with quality in mind.

As far as security goes, for your dog and the people that love him , leather dog collars have been known to be stronger than most. Depending on your dogs size , the leather may need to be cut wider or even a thicker piece may be used to give added strength . A little dog less than ten pounds isn’t going to need much more than a pretty scrap of leather to keep him in check, but if you have a larger dog that weighs sixty pounds or more , a thicker collar that’s at least one and a half inches wide is going to keep them restrained and safe from hurting themselves or others.

If fashion and beauty are important in your collar purchase , remember that leather can be as beautiful as any synthetic material. There are collars available that are studded with metal studs or stones, tooled with beautiful designs, or even dyed or painted to give more beauty to the most important piece of dog jewelery your dog will ever wear.

Safety for a dog means that your canine companion can’t hurt himself or others, even in stressful situations. It also means that others won’t be able to hurt him because he is safely restrained and always under your control . Not only are leather dog collars vital for the above reasons, but they are also the best to keep tags and owner information on. The tags that hang from your dogs collar can wear at synthetic materials making them weaker, but leather simply isn’t damaged.

When making the choice, look to leather dog collars for beauty, quality workmanship, durability, and longevity. You won’t be making a poor choice but rather, the best choice.

How To Groom Your Golden Retriever

Grooming your Golden Retriever is a never ending experience. The total process should be down once or twice 7 days, and does take you close to a ? sixty minutes of time. Brushing your dog while he is shedding will help to control shedding quite a little. While outside, if your Golden Retriever manages to get burs or other defects in his hair care, you can instantly take a few minutes of your time and obtain the burs or other matter out of his coat.

When you groom your pet, you can always begin with a good brushing. Brush his total body, then once you want finished brushing it is possible to switch to a comb to obtain out any loose hair care that remains in the coat. While you are getting out the hair care, you can likewise inspect your pet for ticks, fleas, and other types of skin ailments. Providing you wish, you can as well check his ears and trim his nails as well.

Bathing your Golden is essential to grooming, and may be somewhat complicated. Before you try and provide him a bath, you may always brush him foremost, to remove tangles. During shampooing, you can always use shampoos that are specifically for dogs, since human shampoo may dry a dog’s skin out. You use’t have to bathe your dog usually, once every other calendar week is sufficient. Providing you properly maintain your Golden’s coat, you’ll easily locate it’s simpler to clean.

To prevent matting, and this is very common with Golden Retrievers, you may always make certain you brush your pet on a daily basis. Metal implements work highly happy, and will help you to obtain a good deal of the hair care out. However some individuals choose that you should look to use scissors and cut the mats, you can easily injure your Golden if he happens to move or jerk. Scissors aren’t recommended, as brushing and proper bathing does help to prevent matting what type of hair care good than anything else.

When you reduce dogs nails, you should trim them a great deal, all the while avoiding going down into the quick. You can never let your Golden’s nails obtain too long, as long nails might easily take shape what type of dog’s foot, resulting in a splay. For sufferers you should always check your Golden Retriever’s nails and trim them every few weeks. If you trim it right, you’ll need at least 2 weeks before that they all need to be trimmed again. If you accomplish happen to trim the nails past the fast, bleeding does occur. To stop the bleeding, always keep some styptic powder on hand to make certain that you’re happy if you do ensure an error.

Finally, buy a nice Personalized Dog Collar or a Rhinestone Dog Collar. For the rich owners, get a Chanel Dog Collar!

Grooming is an important attribute to the health of every Golden Retriever. All it takes is a little bit of time from your day to groom your pet and Stay him healthy. If you put on’t want the time, inclination to groom your Golden, you will be able to always take him to a professional. Whether you accomplish it yourself or take your Golden to a pro – grooming is something that simply needs to be done.

Buygin Dog Collar For Your Dog?

If you have a dog, odds are you be interested in getting him a collar. It is however important that you get only the right collar. The type of collar that you get for your dog will depend on the type of dog in question and what the collar is going to be used for. You can find collars in various sizes. They also can be found with many adaptive styles.

Dog collars are generally used for one main task-that of controlling your dog. With a leash attached to your dog collar, you will be better placed to control the antics of your dog when you go for your occasional neighborhood walk. As a result of its importance, you will need to pay attention to several features of your dog collar.

Undoubtedly the size of your dog collar matters. If your dog collar is too small, you stand the risk of choking your dog. Not a pleasant or nice thing to do. While a collar should not be loose enough to slip over a dog’s ears, it should not be tight against the dog’s skin. A good measuring guide is to ensure that at least two of your fingers can be fit into the slack around the dog’s throat. Avoid making the collars too lose though, dogs excel when it comes to making lemonades out of lime. You should also ensure that the material of the collar fits with the breed of dog in question. Since you will be attaching a leash to the collar from time to time, you should ensure that the collar is strong enough. For instance a Rottweiler will need stronger collars than a cute little Chihuahua.

Personalized Dog Collar, Rhinestone Dog Collar and Custom Leather Dog Collars

Yet another important use of dog collars is the option of personalization that it brings. By personalizing your dog collar you will be able to add some information about your dog. You will be able to add your dog’s name and your contact information. Collars can also be made to include information like the name of your dog’s favorite meal. These will undoubtedly prove important in the unlikely event that your dog gets lost. Collars can be further personalized with fashion elements. You can for instance purchase a wide range of colors for your dog color-one for each day of the week.

Leather Rhinestone Dog Collar

leather collar

leather collar

Some of our most popular items at Pampered-Dog-Gifts.com are the rhinestone dog collars

We have many rhinestone collars available, but this collar is arguably the most beautiful collar in all of our collections. This collar is regularly used for photo shoots in magazines! Featuring two rows of sparkling Austrian crystals for a truly glamorous effect.

Available in sizes from 7″ – 18″.  These collars have a center D ring so you can attach a leash so you can show off your dogs bling while on a walk. 

If you are looking for a stylish rhinestone collar for your dog, then check out our designs.  If you want something similar, but not displayed on our site, just send us an email with the width, collar color, stone colors and pendant/charm you would like along with your dogs exact neck size and we will send you a quote.  Most of the collars are priced according to size, width, no of rows of rhinestones, so you should be able to get an idea of the price based on our many existing collars.

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