Many people think of dog fashion as frilly dresses and little coats for dogs but dogs need many functional items of apparel. Just because your dog needs to wear something everyday doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish.

Some of the most basic dog accessories include collars, leashes, and harnesses. Today all of these items come in a myriad of colors, patterns, and styles.


Whether you have a tiny Chihuahua or the biggest Mastiff, your dog will need a collar. Collars range from sturdy nylon in solid colors to fancy fabric collars with designs, jewels, glitter, and other beautiful touches. You can choose the perfect collar to suit your dog’s personality or keep a selection of collars to wear on different occasions. In many cases you can purchase collars that match specific costumes or outfits. Some collars are made with cotton or other fabric inlaid over a nylon collar so the collar is both functional and pretty. You’ll find a wide range of these collars available for moderate prices.

You can also find many collars made of fine leather. These collars are usually comfortable for a dog and they are long-lasting. They typically come with plain or squared edges or rolled edges. Better quality leather usually costs more. You can also find braided leather collars and collars that feature elaborate designs sewn into the leather or stamped on the leather.

When choosing a collar for your dog you should buy one that allows you to fit two fingers comfortably between the collar and your dog’s neck. It’s usually a good idea to buy less expensive collars for puppies because they will outgrow them quickly. Wait until your puppy is fully grown before buying expensive collars.


You can usually find leashes to match collars, if this is important to you – and if you want your dog to be fashionable, it probably is important. Like collars, leashes range from sturdy nylon in basic colors to fancier designs inlaid in fabric over the leash. They also come in various kinds of leather.

Most leashes are either 4 feet long or 6 feet long. If you intend to do any kind of obedience training then a 6 foot long leash is desirable. If you live in the city and you wish to keep your dog closer to you, a 4 foot long leash might be a good choice for walking on city streets.


The same leash that matches your dog’s collar can also match a harness. There are many harnesses that are made to match collars and leashes. Harnesses are often recommended for dogs that pull on the leash or for very small dogs whose throats might be injured by a collar.

Harnesses can be made with fabric across the dog’s chest. The leash attaches to a ring on the back of the harness, along the dog’s back. In many cases the fabric across the dog’s chest is made of a breathable mesh material so it stretches. The harness buckles around the dog’s waist to stay in place. Harnesses can range from the most basic, functional equipment to attractive items of apparel for your dog.

These are just a few pieces of dog outerwear that virtually every dog needs but there are some other kinds of outerwear for special occasions such as rain gear and doggy boots. We’ll cover those items in the next article.

Are you in the market for dog collars but are tired of the same old accessories without enough unique shine for your special canine friend? Don’t worry. There are now more options than ever for personalizing and customizing your dog accessories. There is no reason to pay a lot for a dog identification collar that will simply clasp around the dog’s neck and hold an I.D. tag. If you want your dog collars to reflect your dog’s personality here are just a few personalization options.

Engravings – For a small amount of money you can add a special touch to virtually any collar. Many people choose to have certain images, phrases or words engraved into small metal plates which can either be attached to or embedded into your canine’s collar. These are often only $5 to $10 on top of the price of the collar itself.

Colored Dog Collars – Why go plain? There are so many colors available these days for dog’s accessories you can go crazy. Hot pink, classic leather brown or tones that will match their fur are all options. You can get something that either sticks out and is fun or is reserved and professional. There’s no limit to what colors are available.

Materials – If you want to spend a bit extra on your dog collars you can get a higher quality or classier looking material and you can do this easily. Collars come in nylon fabrics, leather and even woven rope or metal chains. Depending on what you want for your dog you can get the specific material that reflects your needs and wants in a dog identification collar.

When it comes to picking out your dog accessories there’s absolutely no need to just settle for what’s available or cheapest. You can get great accessories that will serve their purpose, be affordable and look great. Shopping online is a great way to get a nice array of options and prices.

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Custom Leather Dog Collars

Dog Collars

There are numerous dog collars sold on the market today and finding the right one for your dog may not be easy. The truth is that no one collar is right for every dog. So, taking the time to research the different types of collars available and how they are used is a necessary part of finding the proper collar for your dog. That being said let’s take a look at some of the most commonly used collars.
Custom Leather Dog Collars

A custom leather dog collar is one of the longer lasting collars available.  They come in a variety of styles to suit your pampered pooch.  You can get a collar with your dogs name in rhinestone letters or one decorated with studs and/or conch pieces.  These come in a variety of widths and can be made to fit any size dog.

Standard flat buckle collar

This collar is normally made of colorful nylon and comes in different sizes and thicknesses and is an easy fit to any size dog. No matter what other type of collar you choose to use with your dog this is an excellent collar for your dog to wear as it is easy and simple to attach medical and identifying information to this collar. It is also the best collar to use on a young puppy to get them used to wearing a collar.

For many dogs this may be the only type of collar you will ever need. To ensure this collar fits correctly it should be placed high on the neck and you should be able to slip two fingers between the collar and the dogs neck. A too tight collar may interfere with your dogs ability to eat or breath and having one too loose will make it possible for him to slip the collar. So adjusting this type of collar is important.

The slide choke chain

The slide choke chain commonly referred to as simply the choke chain was designed for dog training purposes. It is designed to pinch the bronchial nerve in the dogs neck if he tugs on the leash while being walked. Unless used properly this collar can damage the dogs trachea. In addition should the dog be left unsupervised while wearing this chain he could get hung up on a tree limb, fence or other obstacle and choke to death.

If you are planning on using this type of collar for training your dog then you should seek a professionals advice on how to properly use this collar. You should also remove this collar as soon as the training lesson is complete and replace it with a flat collar or some other safe collar.

Break away Collar

The break away collar is becoming more popular with people who allow their dogs out in a fenced in area to play for part of the day. These collars allow for identifying and medical information to be attached in case the dog should somehow get out of the enclosure and also provides a margin of safety in case he gets hung up while playing.

This collar is specifically designed with a special mechanism so if too much pressure is applied to the collar the collar will release, freeing the dog and thus preventing accidental hanging of your dog. For this reason it is a poor training collar as a quick tug on the collar could allow the dog to break free.

There are many more collars you can choose from, these are just four of the most popular. They should get you started on your way to determining which dog collar is right for your beloved companion.

After you bring your current puppy dog home, your very first expenses of puppy equipment has to be a new dog training collar. There are lots of collars for dogs out there one could use when finding the right choice for your personal puppy. Very first thing however, you must employ a guideline of which kind of dog collar you like. Dog collars cover anything from flat nylon, leather buckle collars, choke chains, prong collars, also harnesses. For people with any pup you’ll want to initially opt for a normal flat nylon adjustable training collar. Given that young puppies grow up so rapid you are looking for a product which you can just simply adjust so you won’t need to travel outside and buy a different dog collar every two weeks.

Now you have to first figure out the particular thought pertaining to choosing your puppy training collar. The reason why dogs need a suitable collar is definitely for recognition reasons. If your dog at any time runs out, you need those who locate him to find out exactly where to return her or him to. One more reason is actually so you can physically control your canine may it be strolls within the city or even handle your pet around the house which means that he isn’t going to run out the door, or if a delivery driver, or perhaps mailman turns up at your house.

For the reason that your pet grows up plus out of his / her dog training collar you will want to update to anything a lot more suiting to your dog. For those who have a bigger k9 whom loves to pull you could consider a choker chain. The actual choker chain prior to now has achieved a lot of harmful press because of the ugly sounding title. Nonetheless the idea of the actual chain just isn’t to choke or even hurt the animal. The idea is allow the actual chain to hang free and consequently simply provide a quick pull in order to restore your family dogs interest returned to you.

The prong collar can mimic an bad, torture equipment to your family pet which may usually shy certain dog owners from utilizing it, however always remember appearance can be deceiving. When the prong collar is put to use accordingly it places less strain on your dogs neck matched against the choker chain or the common flat training collar. Any prong collar will not allow for continuous tension on your pets neck as a result this is certainly what provides it with a plus over the earlier collars outlined.

The common flat collar a large number of owners invest in looks far less detrimental to his or her pets but it is merely the reverse. In case you are the master connected with a k9 which loves to pull along with tug during his walks then this flat training collar will probably definitely merely choke him. These types of misbehaving dogs may tug so hard to go after the things they would like they will merely finish up choking and as well , coughing for oxygen.

One more kind of pet collar I need to say would be the harness. Harnesses are generally another choice for big pet owners whom do not want their dogs to tug. Most dogs are generally a great deal more more unlikely to drag on a leash when bearing a harness because this kind of collar “harnesses” every one of the powerful muscles from your canine. By simply taking the actual strength from your dogs chest and legs they are left with less resistance to drag everyone with. Dog training techniques vary among all the worlds dog trainers so it is imperative that you choose which technique is right for you.

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