Dog First Aid – Diarrhea

Because diarrhea is a common disorder of dogs, dog owners would know what first aid methods can be used to stop the pet from passing soft stool. Dogs may succumb to diarrhea several times in its lifetime without showing ill effects thus dog owners are not really concerned with the pet’s condition. After passing soft stool for a few days, the dog’s diarrhea would be resolved even if the owner has not administered any treatment. Passing watery unformed stools is the typical symptom of diarrhea. Although the stool is soft and watery, the dog will be seen straining to defecate and oftentimes may not be able to defecate but only pass gas. The watery stool would have a different color and very bad odor. The dog’s defecation abnormality can be chronic or acute. Acute diarrhea is not a disease but the result of the dog’s dietary indiscretion. Dogs have this habit of ingesting anything that would fit into their mouths. Upset stomach and passing loose stools would result from the dog’s propensity to ingest not only spoiled food but also inedible objects. The frequent passing of loose stool is actually the body’s way of removing substances in the stomach that are not supposed to be ingested by the dog. Acute diarrhea is usually not a serious concern and commonly resolved even without being treated but chronic diarrhea is another matter as this concern can result to the death of the dog if treatment is not administered. Chronic diarrhea can be an indication of the dog’s underlying concern. This digestive disorder can be caused by parasite infestation, viral and bacterial infection and by other canine diseases. Diarrhea, whether acute or chronic have to be addressed as this disorder would result to loss of essential nutrients that could have been used by the dog’s body. Weakness of the dog and susceptibility to other canine diseases are possible outcomes of diarrhea that is allowed to progress. Recurring diarrhea can result to another life threatening condition – dehydration. Letting the stomach rest is the common first aid for diarrhea. Owners would stop feeding the pet. Adult dogs will not be given food for 24 hours. Water is not given to the dog as well. For puppies, food should not be given for 12 hours but the owner should ensure that water is available. After the fasting, bland food like boiled rice and chicken can be given to the pet. This first aid treatment should stop the dog’s diarrhea but of the frequent passing of soft stool persists, the pet must be rushed to the vet’s for medical treatment. More about diarrhea and first aid for dogs at Sarah’s Dogs.

Dog Diarrhea And Best Dog Cures

Diarrhea Cure when the Doctor Is Not Available or Close by…

There is an immediate safe cure that can be tried in emergencies right at home with the use of a simple, natural product found at the corner grocery store.

Pumpkin for Diarrhea and Constipation – It’s quite amazing that canned, plain, pureed pumpkin 100% natural UNSWEETENED does wonders for both the occasional bout of diarrhea. And, it will also cure the opposite, constipation in dogs. I’ve used it over the last two years with great success as it firms up dog’s loose stools or diarrhea within a few hours. When diarrhea first begins, stop feeding all foods immediately and keep fresh ample water nearby. Depending on the size of the dog, a couple of teaspoons of pure, unsweetened pumpkin for a small dog or a couple of tablespoons for a larger dog will start helping the dog diarrhea

Make sure that there is FRESH water always available to keep the pet from dehydration. If your dog will not eat it the pumpkin, add some brown rice with a small amount of very finely shredded chicken breast for flavor and scent. If your dog has chronic diarrhea seek medical help as it can be life threatening – especially for puppies.

First, Some Hard Core Facts about Dog Diarrhea…

If the diarrhea has come on suddenly, consider if you have made any changes to diet or if the dog ate something it should not have like candy or a snack food that people eat – like potatoe chips. Big point to remember is that cheap dog foods with junk fillers and full of salt often cause diarrhea. A sudden change in diet can also rumble a tummy. Feed your dog a good, high quality diet – feed your dog the best possible food that you can afford as you would your baby. Cheap dog foods are filled with useless carbohydrates and high levels of salt which pass straight through your dog. Bottom line: If you put in rubbish, rubbish will come out. The type of dog diet is crucial to overall well being.
Very important is that diarrhea can also be caused by dairy intake in dogs due to lactose intolerance. Dogs and puppies should not be given milk or ice cream to eat or to drink. Steer away from all people food. It is a proven fact that a good, high quality diet can keep any dog alive for at least 20 years. Hey, my large Labrador dog is now going on 14 years and the vet said most labs are blind or crippled at 12 years or dead. He is given brown rice, organic eggs and green peas every day. Good food, exercise and diet can improve any pets life and extend it too! There are some basic supplements that will greatly improve pet health

Closing Thoughts…

In most almost cases, dogs and cats can get a bout of diarrhea when they eat something that is not good for their stomachs which is human food. Table left over’s ?scraps? or deserts can wreak disaster with your pet, so don’t think that you are doing them favors when you give them a “treat”. For example, ice cream is a bad culprit while spicy or salty foods can cause major problems too.

As we mentioned in other chapters, dogs and cats should be thought of like babies that never grown up and require attention and close observation so you can insure that nothing goes wrong – they can’t talk and it has been discovered that animals are pretty tough and stoic. You wouldn’t feed a baby table human food like fried chicken, meatloaf, spaghetti, bacon, or doughnuts would you? This is exactly why aliments like dog diarrhea occur.