With respect to stop dog licking, licking is a totally natural behaviour for a dog. For the most part, it is not something you as an owner need to be concerned about , as it is just your beloved dog showing her affection for you. Even so,  at times the matter can get out of hand, and this is where issues can arise, as it can be an uncomfortable experience for you if your dog will not stop licking your face, ankles, toes, calves, etc … Your dog may even go so far as to lick your clothes as well, making a patch of dog slobber all over your freshly washed clothes. The licking may also be a sign that your dog is feeling anxious, stressed, bored, or in need of exercise.

To stop dog licking,  it is important that you deal with the root cause of it. Perhaps your dog should not be cooped up so much, and really should receive additional mental stimulation. Perhaps you need to spend more time with her during the day or night, in the form of playing or cuddling. Maybe you need to exercise her more.

A change in body language

A very helpful way to stop dog licking is a basic modification in your body language. When she begins to lick, turn yourself away from her, get up, and move away quickly. Be certain to avoid eye contact with your dog, and be certain to be turned in the opposite direction from her . Preface your behaviour with a short and easily identifiable phrase such as “NO”. Your dog will probably follow you as you turn and move away. When the licking starts again, repeat the identical process again.

Let your creative side come out

Think about putting something like lemon juice on your skin . By disliking the taste, your dog will stop licking you.

When your dog licks you, feign pain

Another strategy to implement when you want to stop dog licking is to act like you are in pain when your dog licks you.  Your dog might not know what is going on at first, but after a while, she will hopefully get the idea that by licking you, she is hurting you.

Positive Reinforcement

Using some positive reinforcement, a key principle of operant conditioning, is another efficient way to stop dog licking. When your dog has stopped licking you, heap lavish praise upon her, and give her some treats. It is crucial that you show patience and consistency here . At some point, it will be ingrained in your dog’s mind that good things transpire when she does not lick you.

Don’t give in once your approaches have been implemented

Your dog willprobably be very persistent, so it is important that you are the same way . Even if your house guests do not mind being licked by your dog, it is vital that you intervene to stop it, or else all your hard work will be for not. You should advise your guests of what you are trying to achieve, and encourage them to act accordingly.