Dog Doors

A dog door is more than just a hole cut in a door, or a flap over the hole. Today there are all kinds of dog doors for different living situations. Whether you have a sliding glass door, a storm door, a wooden door, or no door at all, there are dog doors that will work for you and your dog.


Advantages of a dog door

Dog doors can make life much easier for dog owners. Instead of getting up and down to let your dog out every time he looks at you or barks to go outside, your dog can simply go through the dog door without bothering you. They are very handy if you have a fenced yard for your dog. You know he will be safe in the yard so you can trust him to go in and out of the house as he likes. Dog doors are particularly nice if you work at home and don’t want to stop what you’re doing to let your dog in and out every 10 minutes.


Dogs also love dog doors because they have a greater degree of freedom and can go outside without as much supervision. They don’t have to ask you every time they go out or want inside. Your dog doesn’t have to wait outside in the cold or rain if you forget to let him in.


Kinds of dog doors

You can have a dog door professionally installed, purchase a door that already has a dog door in it, or you can install a dog door yourself. Many dog doors are not hard to install if you have the right tools.


Dog doors for sliding glass doors are one option. You can buy a sliding glass door that already has the doggy door built into it with a thermal flap to keep out heat and cold. Then simply have the door installed into your existing sliding glass door frame.


There are also dog doors that can be mounted into your existing door. These are probably what most people think of as “dog doors.” To install these doors you can cut a square hole in your door and mount the dog door frame into the door. The dog doors come with a variety of flaps such as thermal flaps and other kinds of inserts. They protect your house from drafts but it’s easy for your dog to go in and out.


You can use a similar kind of doggy door and mount it in your wall instead of in a door if this is more convenient in your home.


Small pet doors can be mounted into windows or window screens for small dogs.


If your dog has a kennel and you would like to have a dog door between the kennel run and the kennel building, you can mount a dog door made of plexiglass. These doors can also be used for doors in the home.


You can also install an electronic doggy door. This kind of door will keep out undesirable animals such as stray cats and raccoons. To go in and out, the animal has to be wearing a collar with the right key or ID. It will also keep other pets in the house if they are not wearing this collar.


Doggy doors are useful in many ways. Take your time and choose the right door for your dog and situation.


Article by Nancy Cope, Owner of the online dog boutique