Pet Feeders and Bowls

Whether you have a finicky kitty or a dog who eats everything, a pet feeder can be the answer to your problems when you can’t be home to feed your pets on time. Pet feeders make it easy to feed your pets and even control how much they eat. You don’t have to let your dog or cat gorge themselves when you’re not home, or go hungry.


Automatic feeders

Automatic feeders which operate on batteries allow you to measure how much food you leave for your cat or dog. You can place each portion in a compartment of the feeder and the compartment, which operates on a timer, will open at the pre-set time for your pet to eat. Depending on the feeder, you can prepare multiple meals in advance for your pet. Some automatic feeders contain two meals and some hold up to five meals. Some hold enough food for dogs or cats and some will only hold small meals for cats or small dogs. Because the automatic feeders are battery-operated, they will continue to work even if the power goes out. This is a great way to feed your pet if you can’t be home for a short time. Some of these feeders will work with either dry or canned food. These feeders don’t usually need a bowl since they use compartments.


Continual feeders

Another type of feeder allows you to fill it full of dry food. When the feeder is turned over, gravity allows the food to constantly refill the pet’s bowl as he eats. These feeders have pros and cons. On the good side, your pet will never be hungry when  you are away. On the bad side, your pet is free to eat himself sick. You have no control over how much food your cat or dog eats. These feeders usually have a bowl already attached.


This system is also available as a waterer so your pet has a constant supply of water available.



There are a number of good pet drinking fountains available. The fountains come in all shapes and styles and feature pumps to keep the water circulating for your pet. You add water to the fountain which goes into circulation. The fountain even filters the water as it circulates and removes impurities. Drinking fountains are a good choice for both cats and dogs.


Raised feeders

Raised feeders are often recommended for some breeds of dogs who are particularly prone to bloat or gastric dilatation-volvulus. In this condition the dog’s stomach can fill up with air and ultimately twist and flip over. It seems to occur more often in large breeds with a deep chest such as German Shepherds, Great Danes, and Irish Setters. Some people suggest that feeding these dogs with raised feeders can help prevent bloat.


Raised feeders usually have metal or wrought iron stands, though they can also  be wooden. Feed bowls fit into the stands and the dog stands to eat his meal and drink his water. The bowls are often stainless steel or ceramic, though they can be any kind of bowl. There is a wide selection of raised feeders to choose from online and you should be able to find some in your local pet store, too.


If you will be away from home and need to feed your cat or dog, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a good feeder to feed your pet. Likewise, there are many good fountains for pets and good raised feeders. Check around and you should find exactly what you need.