Basic Dog Grooming Supplies and Tools

Dogs are considered as family members because these animals are well loved pets. The human family will provide the dog with all the things that will make its existence very comfortable. As the babies of the family, dogs will be provided with toys. Dog owners are so excited to buy trendy clothes and accessories for the pet. Because of the affection for the pet it will be allowed to share the bed and to use things of the owner. Kids sleep with their parents, kids are allowed to used the parents’ grooming supplies too, does this mean that dogs will be allowed to do so as well?

Good grooming is an essential aspect in the maintenance of the dog’s good health and happiness. The grooming routine will maintain the impressive appearance of the dog but grooming does have another function and that is preventing health concerns from developing. Owners will notice parasites so that a budding parasite infestation can be nipped before getting full blown. Dogs though will have different reactions to grooming – some would love receiving attention from the owner while others not accustomed to the grooming routine will not be compliant and make the grooming session difficult

Grooming the dog would be a lot more easier if the owner has the right tools and supplies. One vital part of grooming is brushing the dog’s coat. The owner’s brushes and combs must never be used on the dog even if the pet is very clean and parasite free. The brushes and the combs to groom the pet with must be chosen depending on the type of coat of the dog thus the owner can choose from soft bristle and pin brushes, wire or slicker brushes.

Another necessary grooming tool is a blunt tipped scissors that will be used in trimming the hair and a stripping knife if the coat of the pet has to be stripped. Nail clippers for trimming the dog’s nails and hemostat for removing excess hair in the dog’s ears must be purchased as well.

The dog has to have its own grooming supplies. Human shampoo, conditioner and soaps may have ingredients that are too harsh for the sensitive skin of the dog thus they must not be used on the pet. Using human toothpaste on the dog must be avoided too. Instead of being spitted out, the toothpaste will be swallowed. Human toothpaste may contain ingredients harmful to the dog.

Grooming tools and supplies for the pet can be found on any pet supply store thus there is no excuse to use human tools and supplies to groom the pet.

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