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Looking after your pup can be a whole lot of responsibility. From feeding and watering to walking and grooming, you have to be willing to be hands on in order to ensure they’re happy and healthy. While some people are keen to pass off some responsibilities to the groomer, undertaking those tasks can be the perfect time for you to bond with your furry friend. From clipping their claws to cleaning their ears and giving them a brush, it’s time for you to cuddle, chat (yes, honestly), and just enjoy each other’s company. While the groomers are best for haircuts, try doing a few things at home and enjoy your time together.


Why do it at home?

First things first, there’s definitely a financial benefit to grooming from home. Groomers can be costly, and while it’s far more straightforward to have someone else do it, if you’re watching your cash-flow, it definitely pays to do some of these things at home. Most importantly, though, is it gives you quality time to spend with your pup. It builds trust and strengthens the bond between the two of you, but it also enables you to give them a regular health check. Any suspicious lumps, bumps, scratches or scabs will show their faces when you spend that much time with your pup, meaning you can more easily monitor anything which might be a concern.

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What tools do I need?

A nail clipper (for dogs, not humans), a toothbrush and toothpaste, a good brush, and some hypoallergenic shampoo is a good place to start. If you’ve got a pup with long hair, some sharp scissors for removing hair from between the toes or in front of the eyes can help. You’ll also be responsible for flea and tick management, so some good substances for flea and tick prevention for dogs is also good to have in your repertoire. You’re not expected to go out and buy the most expensive dog clippers – you’re not setting up your own grooming business (yet!).


When’s the best time to do it?

You’ll want to set aside a good chunk of time every week or so to sit down together and go through the motions. Spontaneity is, unfortunately, not the key here. Your best bet is to take them out for a walk and a play to tire them out and help them to relax, before putting them in the bath and getting down to it. Time of day obviously doesn’t matter; it’s just about finding the time to do it all properly. A good routine can also help to put your dog at ease, and a few treats never go amiss.


What are some essential grooming tips?

Use your finger to separate your dog’s toes before clipping his nails, so you don’t accidentally catch any of their skin, and then clean the area with a cotton pad and warm water. You can also use a cotton pad and warm water to clean their eyes and ears of any residual build up to ensure they’re comfortable and to keep infections at bay.


Grooming your pup at home is a great time for you to bond and to build intimacy and trust between you. Do you have any essential grooming tips that you and your furry friend enjoy? Get in touch and let us know!


Jordan Walker has always been passionate for animals. He loves to share his knowledge and expertise about the animal kingdom through pet-related blogs. He leads the content team of Coops and Cages. In this article, he shares some benefits of regular pet grooming.


If by any chance you decide to get a family pet, it is important that you understand your responsibilities as their owner. You can’t just get a pet because you want to or you are envious of your neighbor’s new Labrador pup. Remember, raising a pet is never easy as it requires patience, time, effort, and money. So, before you pursue your decision, you have to think about it carefully.
When raising pets, every owner has to know a lot of things, and that includes the importance of grooming. Pet grooming plays a vital role in their lives. Not only does it make your pets look clean and tidy; it also keeps them strong and healthy. Apart from that, there are plenty of benefits pets and owners can enjoy with frequent grooming. Here are some:

Healthy Pelt
By using pet-specific shampoos, you are actually keeping your furry pal’s pelt nourished, healthy, and clean. This is because it involves the process of brushing, scrubbing, and blow drying, which effectively removes any dead hair and skin.

By doing this more often, air can circulate properly through their skin. Keep in mind that shampooing doesn’t only apply to cats and dogs with long hair. This is for all pets, regardless of hair length. Here is one tip. A healthier coat can be achieved if you also use a deep moisturizer conditioner.

Fragrant and Fresh Smell
Pets must not smell bad. Just like humans, they always want to be fresh and fragrant all the time. With regular grooming, you will not just keep your pets from smelling dirty; you can also prevent your house from having that odd dog-smell.

Nowadays, pet shops sell a variety of products for your beloved animal friends. But, this does not mean you can buy any product you want. To ensure you get the right one, read the labels and instructions provided.

Reduced Shedding

Can you imagine how great it would be not having furs on your floor, clothes, and furniture pieces? Well, during the grooming process, plenty of these loose hairs will be removed. Hence, you will not have to worry about checking and cleaning every corner of your house for any signs of fur that might cause allergies.

Prevent Illnesses

Pets are also like humans. They are prone to illnesses and diseases that eventually show up out of the blue. But if you only groom them habitually, you no longer have to worry about bringing your pet to the vet every now and then. All you have to do is to start inspecting the tails, the toes, and the head of your pet. From there, you can easily spot any abnormalities.

However, you don’t just end there. You have to brush their fur as well, so as to remove any ticks, pollen, allergens, and dirt. This way, the chances of allergens flying in your home will be significantly reduced.

Neat Appearance
Though pets can’t talk, it is quite obvious that they feel happier if they are clean and tidy. Even if a shaggy appearance looks good on your pets, regular grooming can guarantee that your pet will always be at its best, no matter how long its hair is. If there is excessive hair in its face and paws, it can result in hygiene problems. And worse, it can lead to infections.

Moisturize Fur
With constant brushing, essential skin oils will spread all over the coat of your furry pet. These oils are very useful as they keep the fur shiny and moisturized all the time. To achieve a more moisturized fur, sometimes, a topical finishing spray must be used. But, to be very certain, you can consult the veterinarian first. He can give you a list of products that could help improve the fur of your pet.

Ensure Comfort
If the fur of your pet is matted and tangled, chances are these will make them feel uneasy or uncomfortable. Any knotted fur can stretch and pull the skin underneath, which can be painful for them. If you only groom them regularly, your pet will be relieved from the tension and stress these tangles bring.

At the end of the day, the overall health and appearance of the pets depend on the owners. If you really love to raise pets, but you think you can’t keep up with all the responsibilities that await you, it is best that you opt for pet grooming services.

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While dogs and their haircuts get most of the attention at dog shows, there is quite a bit of dog fashion on display at most shows. Even such wash ‘n wear dogs as Pointers and other shorthaired breeds can display some bling in and out of the ring. Show fashions for dogs include such items as collars, leads, grooming coats, and snoods, to name just a few things.


Collars and leads

Gone are the days when show dogs would wear simple Resco show leads or a chain link collar and nylon lead. Sure, there are still plenty of handlers who use these traditional leads at shows but you’re just as likely to see a dog sporting something much fancier in the ring. Kangaroo leather leads are popular today with some handlers because of their softness and pliability. Other handlers like something a little showier. They choose colored, braided show leads with beads, usually custom-made . The colors are often chosen to emphasize their dog’s coloring. Such leads can be expensive but when you have a special dog you want to call attention to him or her.


Grooming coats

Another item you often see at dog shows, especially if you wander around the grooming area, is a grooming coat or jacket. (This doesn’t refer to the groomer’s jacket worn by the handlers, though they wear them, too.) Grooming coats for dogs are often placed on a dog after a bath to help the hair dry flat or to keep the hair in place before the show. They can come in a variety of materials depending on the kind you want for your dog, the weather, and other factors, but lycra coats made of swimsuit material are very popular. The lycra swimsuit coats typically have a narrow opening for the head to keep the hair on the neck smooth. The material around the body is loose and open so the handler has to pin it in place. These suits come in a variety of colors and prints. Many people who sew make them and sell them so if you would like to buy one for your dog you can often ask around and find out who is making them or find someone online who makes them. The coats are especially useful for longhaired dogs.


Grooming coats are removed once the dog arrives at the show so the handler can apply some last minute touches prior to going in the ring.



Snoods look something like shower caps for dogs. They are cloth hoods that fit around a dog’s head and especially the ears of longhaired dogs. Owners use them to keep long ears out of food, though some people keep the snood on the dog at other times besides meal time. They can be made out of any lightweight material and they have elastic sewn around the edges to hold them in place. Dogs usually learn to put up with them, though most owners have to keep putting them back on when they come off. Along with keeping the dog’s ears out of his food, the purpose of the snood is to keep the ears clean and keep the long ear hair from breaking off. Think of them as turbans for dogs. As you can imagine, snoods come in all kinds of colors and prints.


Along with these fashions, there are many other things used for grooming and showing dogs that can come in a variety of colors and styles. Brushes and other grooming accessories can come in different colors is you would like to have your tools match your dog’s things. Even shears come in pink, blue, and other colors if you would like to invest in colors. Dog shows can be as fashionable as you would like to make them.

Keeping your dog’s skin and coat healthy and looking good can be challenging at times, especially if your dog has any skin problems. It’s not uncommon for dogs to have dry skin, itchiness, or redness from irritation or allergies. While it’s always essential to find the underlying causes of any skin problems, and this may involve working with your veterinarian to identify an allergy to to get rid of fleas, there are some healthy rinses you can apply to your dog’s skin and coat for temporary relief.

Herbal astringents are a good way to handle many temporary problems. For example, if your dog is suffering from a few flea or mosquito bites, witch hazel – easily found in any drug store – is a good way to stop the itch. Witch hazel is made with isopropyl alcohol and you should make sure that your dog doesn’t ingest it. Use just a few dabs on a bite.

For hot spots you can use something like Animal Apawthecary’s FidoDerm Herbal Spray. It contains aloe vera and calendula to stop the itching and promote healing, as well as antibacterial and antifungal essential oils.

For a dog with wet, runny sores and oozing bites you will probably need to use an all-over rinse that contains aloe vera.

If your dog has dry, flaky skin, use products that contain vegetable oils, collagen, and herbs that promote healing without stripping the natural oils from the dog’s hair follicles. AvoDerm Collagen Spray from Breeder’s Choice is often recommended.

If your dog is itching but you can’t see any redness, bites, or sores, try rinsing him in oatmeal from your kitchen. Cook it until it’s in a loose, soupy state, let it cool, and then (outside) pour it all over your dog. Let it stay on your dog as long as you can before rinsing it off or brushing it out.

You can also use peppermint or lavender (or combine them) as a skin rinse. Or you can also use rosemary. You can find these herbs in bulk at your local health food store. Using a tea ball, pack it with the herbs and steep it in a couple of quarts of water that is close to boiling, then wait until it cools. Pour it over your dog. Not only does this rinse help your dog’s itching but it also smells very nice.

If your dog has some slight redness you can use a daily rinse made with chamomile, plantain, or calendula together or separately. Make a tea out of these herbs, let it cool, and soak your dog, letting him drip dry.

If your dog has any sores or scratches you can combine comfrey and calendula with sage, bee balm, thyme, and/or yarrow tea using equal amounts. This mixture is good for healing and helps stop any bacterial infection without irritating your dog’s skin.

Obviously, if your dog has serious skin problems or if he shows signs of infection, you should take him to the vet, but these rinses will help in many mild to moderate cases.

You can also use a nice rinse to keep fleas away from your dog, provided there is no heavy infestation. Slice a lemon into segments and pour a quart of boiling water over it. Add a sprig of rosemary to the water and let it sit overnight. Strain the water the next morning and you will have a nice citrus rinse to pour over your dog to prevent fleas. This rinse usually keeps working for a week or two. And your dog will smell very good.

Finally, just for a nice conditioning rinse for your dog’s coat, you can use rosemary. You can use a teaspoon of dried rosemary and pour a pint of boiling water over the herbs. Let it steep for about 10 minutes then strain or remove the herbs. Allow the liquid to cool. You’re ready to pour the rinse over your dog’s coat after a bath. He’ll smell wonderful and his coat will be soft and easy to care for.

Article by Nancy Cope, owner of the popular online dog boutique Pampered Dog Gifts, where you can find everything you need to pamper your pooch.

Helpful Tips on Grooming the Dog

All dog owners would want to have a great looking dog. A healthy and good looking pet is believed to have a caring and responsible owner. The overall appearance of the dog may be done by a professional groomer and not the result of the painstaking effort of the owner. Professional groomer’s fees though may be too high for a dog owner with modest means. A dog owner determined to keep the dog looking good and healthy can learn how to groom the dog by following these basic grooming tips.

As any dog owner would attest, a dog that is not accustomed to being groomed would make the chore very difficult. Dog owners socialize and housebreak the pet but grooming routines that includes bathing, brushing, cleaning the ears, teeth and eyes as well as nail trimming are oftentimes not introduced to the pet. It is inherent for dogs to resist capture thus it would struggle and resist being groomed. Restricting the movements of the pet for a grooming routine will be viewed by the dog as being captured thus it put up a good fight and make what should be an easy task very difficult. The dog will only allow being groomed if it is accustomed to have the body parts touched by the owner.

Dog owners should make sure that the pet has the right grooming tools and supplies. Grooming is necessary for all breeds of dogs but there is no one size fits all grooming tools as dogs have different breed characteristics. The owner has to choose the combs and brushes that will fit the type of fur of the dog. A dog owner needs to stock on grooming supplies of the pet as human shampoos, conditioner and especially toothpaste must not be used on the dog.

Short haired dogs need very minimal brushing but long haired dogs have to be brushed daily. Frequent bathing is not a necessity for dogs. Frequent bathing should be avoided to prevent disturbing the balance of the natural oils that keeps the skin healthy.

Daily eye cleaning should be easy as all it takes is to remove the gunk from the eyes with a warm towel. A once a week ear cleaning would be enough for prick eared breeds but droopy eared dogs and those that work in the water must have more frequent ear cleaning. Teeth cleaning must be done once or twice a week. This grooming routine ensures the fresh breath of the pet and also wards off periodontal diseases that would necessitate costly vet visits.

Find out more about dog grooming and why you need to groom your dog at Sarah’s Dogs.

Basic Dog Grooming Supplies and Tools

Dogs are considered as family members because these animals are well loved pets. The human family will provide the dog with all the things that will make its existence very comfortable. As the babies of the family, dogs will be provided with toys. Dog owners are so excited to buy trendy clothes and accessories for the pet. Because of the affection for the pet it will be allowed to share the bed and to use things of the owner. Kids sleep with their parents, kids are allowed to used the parents’ grooming supplies too, does this mean that dogs will be allowed to do so as well?

Good grooming is an essential aspect in the maintenance of the dog’s good health and happiness. The grooming routine will maintain the impressive appearance of the dog but grooming does have another function and that is preventing health concerns from developing. Owners will notice parasites so that a budding parasite infestation can be nipped before getting full blown. Dogs though will have different reactions to grooming – some would love receiving attention from the owner while others not accustomed to the grooming routine will not be compliant and make the grooming session difficult

Grooming the dog would be a lot more easier if the owner has the right tools and supplies. One vital part of grooming is brushing the dog’s coat. The owner’s brushes and combs must never be used on the dog even if the pet is very clean and parasite free. The brushes and the combs to groom the pet with must be chosen depending on the type of coat of the dog thus the owner can choose from soft bristle and pin brushes, wire or slicker brushes.

Another necessary grooming tool is a blunt tipped scissors that will be used in trimming the hair and a stripping knife if the coat of the pet has to be stripped. Nail clippers for trimming the dog’s nails and hemostat for removing excess hair in the dog’s ears must be purchased as well.

The dog has to have its own grooming supplies. Human shampoo, conditioner and soaps may have ingredients that are too harsh for the sensitive skin of the dog thus they must not be used on the pet. Using human toothpaste on the dog must be avoided too. Instead of being spitted out, the toothpaste will be swallowed. Human toothpaste may contain ingredients harmful to the dog.

Grooming tools and supplies for the pet can be found on any pet supply store thus there is no excuse to use human tools and supplies to groom the pet.

At Sarah’s Dogs you can read more about dog grooming and gromming tools and supplies/a>.