Here are some cool dog necklaces available from fine online stores.

Glimmering Pearls Pet Necklace
Your little princess will look like royalty in this beautiful pet necklace surrounded by golden and pearl accents. This pet necklace comes in one size. It is a stretch necklace with no clasp.

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Elegant Crystal Ball Pet Necklace
The Elegant Crystal Ball Pet Necklace is a beautiful adornment for your precious little one. Dainty pink or blue beads and an eye-catching dangling crystal ball make this piece simply perfect.

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Frosted Grape Pet Necklace
Brilliantly sparkling violet Swarovski crystal AB heart pendant strung with shiny sterling silver beads and Swarovski AB Amethyst crystals. This gorgeous piece is not not mass-produced and due to the incredible artistry and workmanship that go into every piece of clothing or jewelry we create only limited amounts.

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