Owning a dog is great because sooner or later, a strong bond is established between you two which can be impossible to break – you do everything together, you can’t wait for that special day of the week dedicated to spending time with your dog. It’s not by chance that they call dogs a man’s best friend. And as your dog’s best friend, you must always look out for its safety.

If you ever take your dog swimming and you know it’s not the best swimmer breed – or perhaps you’ll be boat fishing in a deep pool of water – you’ll want to make sure nothing happens to your buddy and get him/her a life vest, just like you would for your child.

Life vests for dogs have gone quite a long way since their initial conception, and today there are a lot of designs available, most able to really offer your dog the safety it needs when you’re having some fun splashing in the water.

Buying a life vest for your dog is something you should probably do in person, instead of shopping online for example – you must try the vest on the dog to make sure it fits perfectly, as even a small misfit can cause great problems later on. Having the vest too large is bad enough since it can easily slip off, but a vest that’s one number too small can restrict your dog’s movements and prevent them from swimming around efficiently, which can be just as dangerous.

Don’t spare your money on this – there are some really cheap designs available out there, but life vests are really a case of “you get what you pay for” – meaning that any extra dollar you spend on the product will pay itself off in its reliability and long-term durability. After all, it’s a one-time investment anyway (since a good dog life vest should be able to last for many years), so it doesn’t make sense to hold back on the price.

The first time you’re out swimming with your dog after buying its new life vest, keep a close eye on him/her for the first few minutes – preferably stay close as well. If you notice something odd, make sure you bring the dog to shallow waters so that you can test the vest’s condition in safety! Other than that, prepare to enjoy some unforgettable moments exploring the cool waters with your best friend.

Swimming with mans best friend can be a great time. Many people think that it would be a lot of fun to take  their dogs out for a day on the lake or a swim in the local pond. Many people also believe that dogs are made with an amazing ability to swim. While most dogs can swim they may not be able to swim for long periods of time. It is possible for a dog to drown and that why dog life vests are so important.

Dog life vests come in many different sizes so that any dog can swim safely. They are also available in prints and different colors so that they can match a dog’s specific style. The dog life vests are very affordable as well. It is possible to get a dog life vest for less than $100. They help the dogs to be able to keep their heads above water and swim with ease.

They fit like a dog sweater would and most have a handle on the top of them for smaller dogs. The handle is used when someone needs to pick the dog up out of the water. When trying to get a smaller dog onto a dock or in a boat it can be difficult and the handle makes it much easier.

While almost every dog can swim well they may need a life vest for the additional safety. The internet has many dog life vests in all sizes and colors. The only information that an owners needs to know to get a properly fitted life jacket is the dogs weight, length from neck to tail, and they may need to measure around their rib cage. The vests usually arrive within a week or two of ordering and then the dog and their owner will are ready for a great day of fun in the water.