A quality Dog Obedience Training Video is the best way to deal with problem behaviors such as: digging, chewing, biting, running away, barking, or peeing and pooping in the house and get your dynamic between you and your dog to a much better place as quickly as possible! You don’t have to just live with these problems! A lot of dog owners simply accept that this is how things are going to be when they can’t manage these problems after a few attempts. The good news is that there is Debbie Jeanne’s Dog Obedience Training Video now available that can help you start today to work towards having a more well behaved pet that you love more and treat even better than you already do!

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Debbie Jeanne is a dog trainer with over 30 years experience, and who’s methods have been successfully applied to training Guide dogs.
To use her services directly you would have to live close enough, be willing to wait the 6 month waiting list she has, and also be willing to spend up to $250 on a single private session with her. Luckily she has just released an amazing dog obedience training video series that applies her gentle and effective training style to you and your dog. This can all be done immediately and from the comfort of your own home at the pace YOU choose! Since the training is presented in video format you can actually see what is going on so that you can learn quickly and easily. This dog obedience training video series is able to help out a much larger group of people geographically speaking, and is significantly less expensive than other dog training options.

The conventional options are-

Send-Off Training- You send your dog to a trainers facility. They do all the training, and give your dog back when it is trained. The problem aside from being away from your beloved pet for a long period of time is that you were not part of the training and don’t know how to enforce the obedience or are not proficient in the training methods used. This leads to your dog gradually not listening more and more, and in the case of a dominant dog can lead to potential aggression down the road. It is not uncommon for people that use this option for obedience training to either have a dog that doesn’t listen well at all, or having to hire another trainer to teach them how to do it.

Group Classes- These are group training provided at the trainer’s facility. These are leash based obedience lacking much to any 1on1 attention and do not focus on problem behaviors that occur at the house. Group classes rarely help or train out problems like chewing, housebreaking, jumping, barking, digging, biting, or running away. They do socialize the dog well, but often get the dog proficient in things that are less important to the dog’s owner.

In-Home Training- Works better than any other method. The problem is locating a quality trainer, and being able to afford them. Quality in-home dog trainers will range greater than $100.00 an hour on average.

Books- Books are a cheap start but are often full of conflicting information and lack the visual aspect that so many people find critical to the learning process.

Videos- A dog obedience training video offers a lot of the benefits of in-home training. You don’t have to drive anywhere, or send your dog away for a long time. You get to do the training in the comfort of your own home, but unlike in-home training, you are able to go at your own pace. Being a video, you have that essential visual element that allows learning to be much more fun. A dog obedience training video is also much lower in price than any of the conventional approaches to dog training.

To find out more about Debbie Jeanne’s Dog Obedience Training Video series that are available to you instantly with an 8 week 100% satisfaction money back guarantee, click for more information about the best Dog Obedience Training Video for you!

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