Tips For Photographing Your Dog

We all love pictures of our dogs but some people have a knack for getting great shots while the rest of us keep getting pictures that look very ordinary. They don’t really capture the “essence” of our pets. Here are some tips to help you get that picture of your dog that you’ll remember forever.

1. Take lots of pictures. With digital cameras and camera phones, it’s easy to take pictures today and you aren’t using up film. It doesn’t cost you anything. Snap away! The more pictures you take, the better your chances of taking some pictures of your dog that you really love. Plus, the more you use your camera around your dog, the more he’ll become accustomed to it. He’ll act naturally when you point it at him.

2. What makes your dog special? Ask yourself what makes your dog special. Is it his playfulness? His beautiful face? The way he looks at you when you talk to him? The way he curls up when he sleeps? Whatever it is that you find particularly endearing, use that in your photos. Try to capture your dog’s personality when you take pictures.

3. Consider the light. Dogs usually photograph better in natural light. Try to take your pictures outside or, if you’re taking pictures indoors, pull the curtains back and open the blinds as much as possible so there will be more natural light. A flash can make the light look harsher and leave your dog with a startled expression or red eyes. The exception would be if your dog has a very dark or black coat. In that case you might need to use a flash even if there is good natural light.

4. Consider the surroundings. You should also consider what else will be in the picture. It’s usually best to focus on your dog in the picture but you can add an emotional connection if there is a person in the picture that your dog loves, for example. So, you might take a picture of your daughter holding your dog in her lap. Another example where the surroundings could enhance the photo would be if you have a hunting dog and you take a picture of your dog pointing a bird. As long as there is a clear connection between your dog and the other things in the picture, the photo will be interesting. But the picture should tell a story.

5. Focus on your dog. Pictures of dogs usually succeed because they focus on the dog. The more focus on the dog, the better. Don’t be afraid to get close. The dog’s eyes, especially, can be very compelling. Leave out the background and stay focused on your dog.

6. Be natural. Posed photos are great, where every little hair is in place. But they can also be boring. When you are trying to take a great photo of your dog at home, take candid pictures. Follow your dog around with the camera and take pictures of him doing all the things he loves to do, even when he’s being naughty. Take pictures of him stealing food from the trash and digging holes in the backyard. Take pictures of him sleeping. Take pictures of him barking and running and anything else he does. You’ll be surprised at some of the great pictures you get. Most cameras today can easily handle action shots like these and you’ll probably take some pictures that you’ll cherish.

If you follow these tips you should get some great photos that really capture what you love about your dog. Plus, you and your dog should have a lot of fun in the process.