Dog owners from across the world have regularly questioned, “How do you stop a dog from eating poop”? Not every dog will partake in poop eating, also known as coprophagia, nevertheless there are quite a few dogs that do. The act of a dog eating poop is puzzling to a lot of dog owners and dog trainers. You really should not have to witness anything like this. Take it from someone who has.


What exactly causes poop eating has been the issue of great argument


Absence of nutrition


Your dog may partake in coprophagia if there is a deficiency of vitamins in her food.


The carnivorous instinct


When carnivores kill, they normally eat the complete carcass of the animal, which includes the belly and digestive tract, that incorporates, you guessed it, poop.


Your dog has nothing to do


A lack of human affection, and a lack of mental and physical stimulation, are cited by many as possible motives for coprophagia .


Improper housetraining


Once there isdog pooing in house, one more possible explanation for coprophagia is that dogs will eat their poop from the floor of the house before their owner sees it, in an effort to conceal the crime .


Nursing mothers

In order to hide evidence of the existence of her puppies from predators, a nursing mother will on a regular basis eat her puppies’ poop. By natural extension, a puppy will emulate the behaviour of her mommy by eating poop. And who said you can never blame mothers for anything.


How Do You Stop a Dog from Eating Poop?


Take swift action


As soon as you see your dog start to poop , act quickly. Do not give her the chance to eat it, and make sure that you clean it up instantly.


The “leave it” command


Mastering this command can be useful when you are in the yard with her, when you walk her, or if she makes the decision to poop on your new leather car seats.


Positive Reinforcement

Stop your dog in the act of eating poop, and reward her with lavish praise and treats. Constant application of this principle is vital. Whether you are within the home, or out, you will need to try this principle of positive reinforcement on a normal basis.


Try to show some creativity


Add natural deterrents, like pineappe or canned pumpkin, to her food. She will likely eat the deterrents, however their existence in the poop tends to make it unpalatable.


Use of products

If nothing would seem to work for you, and if you are still asking yourself, “How do you stop a dog from eating poop“?, then you can explore the substitute of purchasing items from a pet store or vet clinic, which, when blended in with your dog’s food, make her poop smell and taste really bad (as if it didn’t already).


How Do You Stop a Dog From Digging ?

How do you stop a dog from digging is a typically asked question. Usually, the digging takes the form of burying bones in selected areas of the yard as a means of preserving food which they do not currently want . If you permit this dog digging to continue without stopping it, your backyard, flower beds, and garden are in jeopardy .

So precisely how do you stop a dog from digging ?

Restrict your dog’s access

If your dog is never outside without active supervision , then there is no opportunity for digging .

You may perhaps also desire to consider allocating an area of the yard where it is permissible for her to dig as much as she wants, even when you are not there .  As soon as you have identified this area, you need to make it very clear to your dog that this location is the ONLY one where she can dig . If every inch of your yard is simply too valuable to you, then look at investing in a sandbox, which you could put anywhere in the yard . You can even make one yourself. The deeper, the better. Fill it with a mixture of sand and earth, and put some leaves or grass on top if you like . Put some treats under the surface, so that your dog will like digging in the sandbox . Just think of the extra positive aspects of your dog spending so much time in the sandbox : less dog pooing in house, and less dog peeing in the house as well!

If your dog attempts to dig elsewhere in the yard, stop her immediately, take her back to her sandbox, and reward her when she once again commences to dig there . Regular application of this positive reinforcement will serve you well .

Burn off that energy

Your dog may perhaps dig because of a lack of exercise, as the digging allows her to burn off excess energy . By using some basic common sense, such as exercising her more, walking her more, and playing with her more, you can help stop dog digging under such conditions .

Make sure she is a content dog

If your dog is bored and needs something to occupy her time, digging can also result. How do you stop dog digging under these conditions? Simply give her some toys to play with during your absence . As well, spreading peanut butter over and inside a rubber toy like a Kong can keep your dog pre-occupied for a good period of time .

Use poop to your advantage!

Putting some dog poop at the spots where your dog likes to dig will help to prevent her from digging there . Even the ones who like to eat poop (a condition known as coprophagia) will not dig anywhere near it, as it offends their basic, fastidious dislike of soiling their coat and paws .

Show some creativity

A very powerful way to stop dog digging is to roll up the first inch or two of grass in your yard, and put chicken wire underneath it. Your dog will not know it is there until she has had a few attempts at digging, but when she has satisfied herself that it is pointless, she will likely never dig in that yard again.

If your dog enjoys dig in one specific spot, try adding some cayenne pepper and jalapeno peppers into the hole . Once she gets a whiff of that, it will possibly be her last .

Catch her while she is doing it

Another very efficient way to stop dog digging in undesirable areas is to simply catch your dog in the act. How do you stop a dog from digging when this happens? Simply redirect her attention to something more suitable, such as a chew toy or a game of fetch. Repeating this process many times will help with your goal.