The thought of holding adorable puppies would certainly be exciting more so if the puppies would come out from the beloved pooch. The idea that the pet will soon become a mommy will be a much awaited event. Pregnancy is a normal episode in a dog’s life and dogs will be their usual active and spirited self even when the time to give birth comes. 98% of dogs deliver their puppies without difficulties and without needing human assistance.

Some dogs though have to go through complicated and difficult pregnancies. There are situations where the life of the dam and the puppies are endangered because a pup gets stuck in the birth canal or the dam is having birthing difficulties. The life of the dog can be lost due to birthing complications.

Dogs, similar to humans would experience labor pains and owners can do nothing to help the pet but to make sure that the soon-to be mama is comfortable. Dogs would show different reactions to labor pains as dogs, like humans differ in personalities thus some would be aggressive and others allow the attention given by the human family. The presence of the owner will comfort the pet that is in labor but once the dog is ready to give birth, the pet must be allowed to expel the pup naturally. Your participation in the birthing process is to make sure that the newborn puppies are not crushed by the dam straining to expel another pup.

Once the puppy is expelled, the dam will tear the sack, bite off the umbilical cord and lick clean the newborn. By licking the puppy, the mother dog cleans the pup and at the same time stimulates breathing. After the pup is cleaned, it can be placed in a separate box to prevent it from being crushed by the mother dog that is straining to expel the next pup.

The dog must be allowed to do all the works in delivering the puppies but an owner must always be ready to assist once birthing complications occur. A pup that is being expelled feet first can get stuck into the birth canal and the exhausted dam no longer has the strength to push. Immediate human intervention is necessary to save both the puppy and the mother dog. Help the mother dog to expel the puppy by gently pulling the exposed body part until the pup is totally expelled. You need to clean the puppy too. The sac must be removed instantly. Rub the puppy with a towel and remove the fluid from the nose and mouth. After the dam has expelled all the pups, replace the soiled sheets and take the puppies to the dam to nurse.