What you need to know before going shopping for your pet.

We love our pets and want to treat them to the best to return the love and loyalty they give to us so freely. Pet ownership is on the rise and companies are aware of our growing attachment to our four legged friends. That’s the reason why there are so many new products geared toward pets on the market these days. Dog and cats are popping up in other places too. Advertisements and tv commercials feature pets prominently, and the Internet is constantly buzzing with the latest funny cat or dog videos.

Going shopping for your pet can get a little overwhelming these days. It’s difficult to figure out which products are worthwhile and which are just passing trends. A good rule of thumb is to stick with the basics – the products that have been around for years that you know a pet will need.

But there are some new products that are definitely worth checking out:

Covered dog beds:

Give you the most bang for your buck. These versatile beds can double as an outdoor canopy and a pet carrier with the addition of easy zip up panels. Covered beds offer the same protection from harsh sunlight and heat that canopies for people do because they are made by the same company. Protecting the dog from the sun and heat can make a huge difference in overall pet health and happiness.

Organic pet food and treats:

All natural and organic is all the rage these days for both humans and pets. It makes sense to feed your pet quality meats, vegetables, fruits and grains and the difference it makes to their health is immediately noticeable. Switching to organic gives them a softer, shinier coat, clearer eyes, more energy, and better digestion.

Pet clothing:

It may seem frivolous, but clothing for your dog or cat really can come in handy. Cold temperatures do affect animals especially if they are going to spend time outdoors. A pet coat or sweater keep them warm and pet boots protect paws from frostbite. Animals with thin coats or that are hairless absolutely need to have clothing in the Winter. Its a fun way to bond with your pet too.

Remember, products should enhance life with a pet not hinder it. Above all else, you want to be sure your dog and cat are healthy, happy and comfortable. They certainly deserve it.

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