How To Shave A Dog

The fur is a dog’s crowning glory but there are situations when dog owners would think that shaving will be best for the dog. The heat of the summer months would take a toll on the dog thus long haired breeds are commonly shaved. Excessive shedding, fur that tangles and mats easily, hot spots and other fungal infections are usually the reasons why a pet owner would opt to shave the dog. Dogs advanced in age would not appreciate a good brushing thus an owner would choose to shave the dog to lessen the need to groom.

Dog owners would opt to shave the dog for different reasons. Professional groomers charge from $40 to $80 to shave a dog. Shaving the pet would be fun – the dog will not complain and the hair would grow in no time anyways.

If you have decided to shave the dog, the task would be much easier (and kinder on the clipper) if the hair is clean and tangle free. Bathing the dog before the shaving session will remove the dirt from the coat. The coat must be thoroughly dried and combed to remove tangles. The shaving task would be easier and of course kinder on your back if the dog is positioned on a table but ensure that the head of the pet is loosely fastened to an overhead support to prevent the dog from jumping while being shaved. A dog that will be shaved for the first time must be accustomed to the humming and the vibration of the clipper thus before the starting to shave lay the turned on clipper against the body of the dog.

With a #10 blade start shaving the hair between the eyes of the dog. Carefully shave the hair between the eyes. Move on to the face and to the ears. For long eared breeds, lift the ear to shave the hair on the inner ear.

The next is the armpit area. You need to raise the legs but be sure that the position is not making the dog uncomfortable. The anal area comes next. Shaving the anal area is necessary for long haired dogs. Change the blade with a longer one and shave the rest of the body. Run the clipper in long slow strokes from the head to the neck and down to the side of the body . Pull the loose skin of the belly to make shaving easier. Last to be shaved are the legs and feet. Finished! Pat yourself on the back and hug the dog for a job well done.

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