Dogs are good sleepers and they have the ability to be asleep in a snap whenever an opportunity is given. Breeds of dogs that are often seen sleeping in front of the fire are lovingly nicknamed fireplace rugs by their owners. A dog would either lay in the middle of the bed and take the flying fox position or lay on its back on the side of the bed. Curled up or lying with the four legs up in the air are other sleeping positions of dogs. Dogs take different positions when sleeping but what these animals have in common is the fact that they spend more than half of their lives sleeping.

Psychologist have different interpretations for the way people sleep. Have you ever wondered why a majority of dogs sleep all curled up? The expertise of dog behaviorist may not be necessary to know the reasons why dogs sleep this way. Before domestication, dogs have to survive in the wild on their own.

Life on the wild is hard as these animals would have to hunt to survive and in doing so would sleep wherever the need to rest strikes them. Unlike modern day dogs, there will be no comfortable beds for these animals that would sleep in places open to the elements. Dogs in the wild don’t have blankets to keep them warm thus to conserve heat they would sleep all curled up. Curled up, the dog can basically protect the body from the elements.

Being pack oriented, dogs in the wild would stay together. It is necessary for dogs in the wild to stay in a place that would be safe from predator attacks. A safe place may be small for all the pack members thus dogs have to sleep curled up to make room for other dogs. This manner of sleeping is done for protection. A sleeping dog all curled up is protecting the vital organs from the attack of predators.

The hard life of dogs ended after domestication. Every thing the dog needs are provided by the owner. Pet owners make sure that dogs have comfortable beds. Some pets even sleep with the master. Dogs are still seen sleeping all curled up. Dogs sleeping this way will not have a restful sleep as the muscles cannot be relaxed if the dog has to maintain the curled up position. To make the dog comfortable you can try to encourage the dog to take other positions when sleeping.

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