Why Do Dogs Have Unpleasant Smell

People commonly view dogs as the babies of the family and as such these animals are always hugged, kissed and cuddled. Even non-dog lovers would not be surprised to see a kid sleeping under the covers with a dog as these animals are noted to be specially affectionate with children. Dogs though have a distinct smell. No matter how pet owners aver that their pet has no doggie smell, the dog would still emit a distinct odor that is quite unpleasant to humans.

Dogs are regularly groomed and kept clean as being considered as family members, dogs are allowed to live with the family. Doggie powders, colognes and perfumes keep dogs fresh smelling in between bath. No matter how hard owners try to prevent the primitive behavior of dogs, the pet’s instinct to give in to the habit will surface from time to time.

Dogs have the unaccountable inclination to roll in rotting animals so that the fetid smell would cling to the fur. It is common for dogs to struggle when they become aware that a bath is forthcoming. Surprisingly, dogs would not make one moment delay to wallow in smelly water. The dirty water would dry up leaving an unpleasant wet rag smell.

Dogs have the propensity to eat anything. Even potty trained dogs will not know how to properly clean themselves so that the ingested plastic or cloth that was not totally excreted will dangle from the rear end adding to the dog’s already unpleasant smell. Moreover, the dog’s feces can stick to the longish fur around the anal area. The dog’s unpleasant smell can be associated with medical problems. Diabetes and kidney diseases can give the dog bad breath. An infected ear arising from parasite infestation, an impacted anal gland and periodontal diseases can be the culprits that give the dog an abhorrent smell.

The doggie smell is more noticeable in the anal area as the anal glands of a dog secretes a yellowish to grayish fluid that has a smell distinct to every dog. The primary reason why a dog smell though is poor hygiene. Bad smell is also noticed in humans that do not wash off the grime and the sweat from the body. Regular grooming would do a lot in removing the obnoxious smell of the pet.

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