My Toy Collection Toybox 18l X 18w X 12h Blue

Does your living room look like a war zone with all your dogs toys. I know mine did, that was before we got a toy box to keep them all in. We actually have 3 toy boxes (we have really spoiled dogs). Two are in the living room and one on the porch. The dogs like to take their toys outside and sometimes they forget to bring them back in. We usually pick them up from the yard and just toss them in the box on the porch. Now the dogs can pick one out of the box to bring in the yard if they forgot to get one before going out the door. (I told you they were spoiled!)

This toybox is really cool, because you can unzip the front so your dog can get right in there to find the toy he is looking for. My dog tries to climb over the top and root through all his toys until he finds what he is looking for. He knows his toys and he sometimes tosses half the toys out onto the floor until he finds just the right one.

This toy box comes in pink and blue and is a must have for spoiled pups.
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