It has always been a great quest for me to take my dog along with me when I travel. But along with this dream there has always been a fear lingering around – how well would I be able to travel taking care of my lovable companion. Last month few of my friends have camper down from Wisconsin and joined us for some warm, sunny weather in Arizona. It has been the first time that I am spending so much time with my buddies after I had completed and moved out of my college and that too taking my pooch along.

It was really interesting for all of us and the most beautiful part was that for the first time we have been able to disclose our hearts and let our strengths and fears flow out making that camp fire blaze more deeply.

My only concern whenever I travel out is about Hector – my lovable bulldog. I was always scared to drive him with me out to the unknown situations that we may face during our journey.



Travel Safely with Your Pet

Though I was smart, capable and strong, what has troubled me was taking care of Hector. I usually thought that at home I am a very good pet parent. But, when it comes to travelling with him, I may be the worst and would fail in taking best care of hector as he is really a lifeline for me. Many times because of this fear, I missed many of the interesting journeys and would later undergo a hurtful repentance about not capable of taking hector out on an adventure.

However, my friends have pushed me along the edge and helped me overcome my inner weakness. They have planned out everything for me and more interestingly knowing my weak point about Hector, they have amazingly worked out everything for the safety of my furry pal. On the other hand, I would rather say that it was definitely a pet-friendly campervan travel with lot of things to enjoy with hector. The moments I have cherished with hector and my friends, has made a new person, rather I would say that I have evolved to be a much better pet parent for my furry pal.


What Are Some Safety Tips for Traveling With A Dog?


So, if you are doddering on the edge out of the fear of travelling with your pooch and bout the health of your lovable companion when on the campervan then these simple tips are of great use.

  • Always have a car harness and a leash with you that may hold your dog when you people are tramping on the legs.
  • Take ample of dog food with you never to run of it until you finish your journey. You can even get some local food that is specially meant for doggies only.
  • There are a lot of people out there who love dogs, so there is no fear to be afraid about the harsh behavior of the people around you towards your pet when travelling with him.
  • Don’t forget to pack dog bed in case you may require when camping at outer regions.
  • If you are going for a long camp holidays, take flea and tick medications along with you. As during warm weathers flea and tick infestation is at peak. Moreover, you may not be aware whether the places you are going to visit are heavily infested with fleas and ticks or not. As the proverb goes – “Prevention is better than Cure.”
  • For instant relief of fleas and ticks, stock capstar along with you. This controls heavy flea and tick infestation.
  • If you are planning to camp near river fronts or have a plan to go swimming in ponds or lakes, take dog floating vest along with you. This ensures your pet’s safety in case you are taking him in unknown waters.


Looking back to my journey with Hector along with my friends has really helped me to overcome my fear of travelling along with my lovable companion.
With the journey being a teaching lesson to me, I have really come over my inner weakness and it has deeply instigated inert strength in me. Always having a memoir of this travel, I am moving ahead of planning some of the adventurous campervan travel with Hector in the near future.

Did you know that dogs, just like humans also get travel sickness?

While taking a trip either to the nearest store or a site seeing road trip with your pooch can be thrilling and fun for both of you, it is important for you to take prior precautions to avoid making the travelling experience unpleasant for your sick dog.

How To Know That Your Dog Has Travelling Sickness?

Unfortunately, dogs are not like human beings and will not be able to let you know how they are feeling. However, if you know your dog well, by a close observation, you will be able to tell if the dog is experiencing a travelling discomfort.

Here is how to know whether your dog is likely to be experiencing travel sickness;
1. Your dog may seem unusually uneasy
2. He may drool excessively especially if chewing onto something
3. Be on the lookout for vomiting
4. Whining and inactive
Note that this list is not exhaustive and the symptoms largely depend from one dog to another.

How To Prevent Travel Sickness Of Your Pooch

Prevention is better than cure. While you may not be able to stop your dog from experiencing travelling sickness, there is so much you can do to make the experience much better.
• For starters, your dog is more likely to experience less discomforts if he travels facing forward other than looking outside the window. Just like a baby, this does not mean that you automatically put him on the front seat because it is a potential risk. There are special seat belts to keep the dog in this position.
• If you are not able to get access to the seat belts, then using a special crate in this case will also be of some assistance. The crates have an added advantage as the vomit can be contained in it, making it a less messy affair.
• Just like in humans, stuffy air in the car can contribute majorly to your dog’s discomfort. Keep the car cool and well ventilated. You can do this by slightly lowering the window to allow fresh air.

Treating Your Pooch’s Travel Sickness
If you have done so much at prevention, but the condition does not seem to improve, then this is no reason to give up on the lovely trips with your dogs. There are several treatments that exist for this condition
• Phenothiazine has been found to reduce vomiting and provide a sedated effect.
• Anti-histamines are also good in reducing drooling and for sedation.
• The best treatment, however, will be the Anti-nausea drugs.

So if you were wondering what to do with your Turkish Visa now that you have no one to leave your rather sickly Pooch with, then you need not worry anymore. With the above tips on how to prevent and contain your dog’s travelling sickness, you can explore Turkey together with your dog comfortably.

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