We all love our dogs and we love giving them treats when they do something good. But we may not know what’s in those store bought treats and if it is good or bad. It doesn’t help when there are recalls for dog foods and treats as well, that end up worrying dog owners more than anything. So when you want to give your dog a special treat, what do you do? Well, here are two do-it-yourself gourmet dog treat recipes that you can easily make at home:

Natural Greenies Treats
Greenies is a brand of dental dog treats that helps to freshen breath and clean teeth. Here is your recipe for natural Greenies treats at home! You’ll need: 3 ½ c organic brown rice flour, 1 tbsp premium activated charcoal, 4 tbsp vegetable oil, 1 egg, ½ c packed fresh mint, ½ c packed fresh italian parsley, 1 c chicken broth, 1 tsp Swanson GreenFoods Liquid Chlorophyll.

Heat your oven to 400 and then line a baking sheet with either parchment or spray with non-stick spray. Then mix the flour and the charcoal and put to the side. Now, you’ll want to finely chop the mint and parsley and mix it with both the oil and ¼ c of the broth so that it makes a paste. Once you have your paste made, add in the chlorophyll and mix well. Carefully add the paste mix to the flour and knead like a bread recipe. You’ll want to add in the remaining broth carefully, mixing well in between each addition. If you find that the recipe is getting too stick to knead or roll out, you can add in a bit more flour or dust the area that you’re working with it. The dough will not be green, in fact, it will be a dark gray color normally. Once you have your dough completely mixed and kneaded, roll it out and use a cookie cutter to make fun shapes. Bake at 400 degrees for about 15-20 minutes. Let them cool and then store in an air tight container in the fridge.

Dog Chicken Jerky
Every dog loves meat, so why not make them and organic treat that they can gobble up? Here is a recipe for organic chicken jerky for your furry baby. Here’s what you’ll need: 1 package lg organic boneless chicken breasts, and a pinch of sea salt. (Pretty simple, right?!) Preheat your oven to 200 degrees and cut the chicken into very thing strips, cutting with the grain and removing all fat. Very lightly sprinkle sea salt onto the strips, not too much, just enough that your dog thinks they are getting human food. Now, lay the strips on a baking sheet or rack and bake about 2 hours at 200 degrees or until the meat is dry, but still soft (like jerky). If you’re not sure that it’s totally done yet, you can leave it in for another 20 minutes or so, checking it often. You basically want to make sure that they chicken is done all the way through.

When it’s finished, let it cool and then store it in an air tight container in the fridge. You can also use a dehydrator for this if you have one, but the oven version does make the chicken a little softer for your dog to chew. And hey, why not try some for yourself while you’re at it? Although, your dog may get a bit jealous.

Dogs love treats and chances are that your dog will be happy to eat any treats you give him, whether they are homemade or bought in a store.  However, some treats can be better than others from a nutritional viewpoint.


Homemade treats

Homemade treats have lots of advantages for your dog.  You can use any ingredients you and your dog like.  If he has some preferences like, for example, blueberries, you can make him blueberry treats or doggy muffins with blueberries.  If he is crazy about tuna, there are lots of great treat recipes for tuna cookies and tuna treats for dogs.  You can give him exactly what he likes best.


With homemade treats you control the quality of the ingredients, too.  You can use the same ingredients that you  would use for your own family.  You know the ingredients are healthy and safe for your dog.  You can also use organic ingredients if you prefer or buy from local farmers.


You can also produce just as many or as few of the treats as you want to make.  You can quadruple a recipe and make lots of treats so you can freeze them.  Or you can make a small batch to see how your dog likes them.  In most cases when you make treats yourself you will end up saving money because you can buy ingredients in bulk or when they are on sale.


If your dog has allergies, you can make sure that you only use ingredients that are safe for your dog to eat and avoid using any items that might trigger a reaction in your dog.


And, homemade treats are usually delicious.  Dogs will love them.  You can give him treats right out of the oven.  Nothing says, “I love you” quite like baking for your dog.


Store bought treats

There are some great store bought treats, too.  Of course, some commercial treats have questionable ingredients and you will probably want to avoid them, just as there are some lower quality dog foods.  You should avoid treats that use animal digest or bi-products, for example.  But there are some very good treats made by reputable companies that use human grade ingredients, organic ingredients, and which have good reputations.  These would certainly be good treats to give your dog.


Three Dog Bakery makes good treats using natural ingredients for dogs with many creative flavors.  Old Mother Hubbard is a company that’s been around for a long time and which is known for making healthy treats using human grade ingredients for dogs, and there are others.  If you feed your dog a good quality dog food, the company that makes the food probably makes dog treats, too, so check the store to see if they carry them.



If you have the time to make homemade dog treats for your dog, your dog will love them.  They are always wonderful.  But if you don’t have time or if you hate to bake, don’t feel bad.  There are still some very good store bought dog treats that your dog will love.

Treating Heartworm In Dogs

If you are like most dog owners, your pet is most likely a beloved companion, friend, and a member of your family . When your pet gets sick, you may react with both panic and great concern. A common problem that many dogs have is heartworm. If you are looking for some tips for treating heartworm in dogs, this article can help.

Heartworm is caused by a parasite that infects your dog and resides in its heart. When it becomes an issue, it can cause the valves in your dog’s heart to become blocked and the arteries may also become clogged. This will make it difficult for your dog to breathe and can lead to death.

In order to treat this problem, you first need to be able to recognize it . If your dog has this parasite, he or she may find it hard to breathe and may develop a chronic cough. Your dog may also become very tired and weak.

Since this parasite can remain in your dog for many years before it is noticed, you should be sure to take your dog to the vet regularly . A vet can notice the issue before it starts and can also provide you with medication that prevents the parasite from staying in your dog’s system.

As soon as you think that your dog might have this problem, you should take action. Take your dog to the vet and have the appropriate blood tests performed. If your pet tests positive , your dog may have to have its health assessed to find out if it is healthy enough to be treated.

Medication is normally used to treat heartworm in dogs . The drugs will be injected by the vet as soon as the issue is confirmed and you will most likely have to provide your dog with regular medications and give a second injection after approximately one month.After giving your dog the injection, it will be necessary to keep him calm and make him rest for at least a week, and you will need to constantly monitor its health . In some cases additional treatments may be necessary . 

Once the treatment is completed it will be wise to take preventative measures to prevent your dog from getting the infestation again.  There are several options for medications that can be administered daily, monthly, or on a yearly basis.  Discuss the options with your vet to determine the best course of action.

Article by Jennifer Marshall – contributor to Pampered-Dog-Gifts.com where you can find gifts for your spoiled canine such as dog gift baskets, gourmet dog treats and more.



Bone Treat For Your Dog

Give your dog a bone about twice a week as a special treat.  Dogs love large beef bones, raw chicken necks, and the tips off chicken wings.  If you are not sure how long they have been in the supermarket case, douse them with boiling water to kill any bacteria before feeding.

The benefit of feeding bones is that they give your dog beautiful, pearly white teeth that do not need to be cleaned.  However, feeding too many bones will give him constipation and hard, chalky stools.  Also, be careful to give your dog only large bones that cannot splinter.

When you give your dog a bone, leave him alone.  Dogs get possessive about their bones.  They are one of the few items that may cause dogs to growl at you if you try to take one away from them.  It is a very special treat, and he wants to be in a place to relax and enjoy it.  Let your dog go to his crate, which is the perfect place for him to enjoy his bone in peace.  Give him a few hours to indulge himself.  After a few days of chewing a fresh bone, it loses its magic, and most dogs will allow you to pick them up or handle them.

Article by Jennifer of Pampered-Dog-Gifts.com the online dog boutique where you can find the best dog treats

Are you up for the challenge? Great, because in today’s article we are going to discuss a simple method that can help you leash train your dog and teach her to obey the ?let’s go? command.

Because new puppies are easily distracted by anything and everything around them, it is important to start your ?lets go? leash training in a relatively quiet area. There should be very little distractions from other cats and dogs, children, and loud noises. The perfect area would be a private backyard or a quiet sidewalk in front, so long as you have a little bit of privacy.

The equipment you will need is simple: a leash, a loose fitting collar for your dog’s neck, and a squeaky toy that you will use to divert his attention towards you.

The first thing you will need to do is to get your dog interested in the squeaky toy that you have brought with you. Play with it and show it to her in a friendly manner while talking to your dog at the same time and asking ?what’s this?, ?pretty toy huh?, or ?look what I got? – doing so in a tone of voice that makes your puppy feel comfortable and playful. Everybody has that ?cutesy voice? that like to talk to their pets with, so use yours!

At this point your dog should be very turned on to the squeaky toy and will want to follow your hands and the fun noises that follow. To test this out you should get your dog’s attention diverted away from you, perhaps towards another animal, and then start squeezing the toy to see if she forgets the activity around her and darts towards you and the noise.

Stand with your dog at your left side while you have coiled most of the leash in your right hand. Your left hand should be holding the end of the leash near the collar as well as the squeaky toy. When you’re ready to move, give a loud ?Let’s Go!? command and begin to walk away. It is important that your command is in a cheerful and positive tone of voice.

Your dog should then start moving at your same pace because there is little room for the leash to extend and the fun in a squeaky toy that she loves so much is right near her face, keeping her entertained and wanting to move towards that direction.

Be sure to utilize the simple training procedure for only a few steps at a time. If you make the mistake of trying to keep your dog walking on the leash after giving the ?let’s go? command for too far lengths at a time, she will get bored quickly and will stop watching you in the toy, as well as your movements.

Repeat this protocol as often as needed until your dog will follow in your direction without the use of a diversion (the squeaky toy). Checkout other free info about Small Pet Dogs and Dogs Pet Supplies.

Grab practical hints to house train dog – welcome to your own knowledge pack.

Homemade Dog Birthday Cake

Taco’s favorite birthday cake recipe

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 cup butter – softened
1/2 cup corn oil
1 jar baby food , meat, beef, strained
4 eggs
2-3 strips beef jerky

Preheat oven to 325 degrees
Grease and flour a 8x5x3 loaf pan
Mix dry ingredients in a bowl and set aside
In a separate bowl, cream butter until smooth.  Add corn oil, baby food and eggs and mix until smooth.
Slowly add the dry ingredients to butter mixture and mix until smooth.
Crumble the jerky and fold into batter.
Pour batter into loaf pan and bake for 1 hour and 10 minutes.
Remove from oven and let cook on wire rack for 15 minutes.
Ice with plain yogurt or cottage cheese.
Store uneaten cake in refrigerator.  (this should keep for 3-4 days – although Taco and his brothers have not tested how long it will stay fresh)