One part of being a dog owner is to be familiar with how to remove dog urine carpet smell from carpets. The scent is extremely noticeable and it will grow worse if you only allow it to dry out with no cleansing. The dog urine carpet smell can hang around long after if not taken care of promptly. You might imagine you get rid of the odor by only wiping it up, although you would be wrong. You will detect the scent long after if not cleaned correctly, in particular on a humid or hot day. In order to do away with the urine scent, you must get down to the fibers of the carpet.

There are few things that you need in order to permanently get rid of the smell.

– Enzymatic Cleaner

This sort of cleaning liquid can be obtained in a number of ways; pet stores, grocery stores or by going online. Ahead of using this enzymatic cleaner, adhere to the directions on how to use the product. It is better to try it to start with on a small spot of the carpet to see if it does not leave a mark on the carpet


– Paper towels

Find the source of the dog urine carpet scent. If the spot of urine is fresh, use paper towels. Paper towels have a very good absorbing quality. Dab the site with paper towels as soon as possible until the wetness is completely absorbed.

Use of enzymatic cleaning solution. Put the enzymatic cleaner on the spot wherever the dog urine aroma is coming from. Permit the cleansing liquid remain on for 15 minutes. The explanation why the enzymatic cleansing solution needs to stay on is in order for it to seep into the fibers of the carpet.

Use Vacuum cleaner. With the use of vacuum cleaner, vacuum up the cleansing solution. In addition use the vacuum cleaner to clean the dog urine particles contained in the carpet fibers.

Permit it air dry. Permit the area to air dry once you’ve cleaned the majority of the enzymatic washing mixture. If you still have a dog urine carpet odor, do again the procedure until you don’t notice the stink anymore.

By doing these uncomplicated things, you are able to keep your carpet free from the horrible dog urine carpet aroma. If the damage that has been made covers a great region of your carpet, it is best to use professional help in getting rid of the urine aroma.