Professional dog walking has been around for over fifty years and the first known dog walking service was the Jim Buck School for Dogs which was started in New York City back in the early 1960’s. At the time, Buck and more than two dozen of his assistants walked more than 150 dogs a day.

Back then it seemed like a novelty, but now, it’s fairly common to see professional dog walkers out and about. Sometimes they walk only one dog at a time and sometimes they can be seen walking as many as 10 dogs at a time. And whether you’re new to owning a dog or have been a long-time owner, you may be wondering if hiring someone else to do the dog walking is right for you and for your pet.

Your best bet would be to ask around to see if your friends or coworkers have used dog walking services in the past. But if you happen to be friends with cat lovers, don’t fret, here are a few reasons why hiring a dog walking service can be a big help to both you and your furry friend.

  • You may be someone who works full-time and are out of your house or apartment most of the day. If you are, it would be in your best interest to hire someone to do the dog walking for you. Doing so would prevent any accidents that could occur while you are out and it would allow your dog to be on a regular relief schedule. It would also provide some exercise time for your pet and being out of the house or apartment also helps with their socialization skills.
  • If you like to go away on vacation but you don’t want to pay for a boarding at a kennel or want your dog to stay with a bunch of other pets, you can opt to have someone come to your house daily. Dog walking services are a great option when you don’t want to use a kennel.
  • Sometimes you may be physically unable to take your dog for a walk yourself. Hiring someone else to do the dog walking while you recuperate could be a help to both you and your pet. It keeps them active and gives you some relief.
  • If you live in an urban area and are unable to allow your dog to roam free in a fenced in backyard like your suburban compatriots, contacting a dog walking service would definitely be for you.
  • Having someone to walk your dog regularly when you can’t is beneficial to the dog’s health and well-being. Sometimes when a dog isn’t walked regularly, they develop bad habits and wouldn’t it be nice to not come home to find your favorite shoes acting like a chew toy?

Dog walking service prices from state to state and as with other businesses, you should investigate and make sure you find a reputable company but in the end, it may be worth the investment if it makes life a little easier for you and your pet. Click here to learn more.

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