Push Your Puppy To The Right Dog Gate

At times, pets can be irritating. Dogs are referred to as the most loyal pets and this is quite certain. But many a times, especially in cases where you are throwing a house party, pets tend to play spoilsport by roaming around the house. This is where pet resorts come into picture. These resorts are gaining popularity as they not only offer the most required training to your beloved pet but also help steal away the lonely time they might have to spend when you are on a vacation. These resorts are made especially for pets and extensive training is given to them. So, instead of letting your dog stay at home and become a menace, it would be better to send the dog to a pet resort for a while.

Heaven for the pets

Now why would you waste money and take your dog to a pet resort? Is it justifiable? You should go and pay a visit to the resort in order to get an idea regarding the environment there and why these resorts are in demand nowadays. The environment has been designed according to the interests of dogs and the whole décor is quite friendly. In such an environment, the dog will certainly stay jolly and not feel the loneliness that your absence might develop.

At these resorts, the dogs are made to socialize with each other and this is perhaps one of the best ways to keep the mood of dogs happy. It is important for a dog to go through training as then, they can be easily controlled. On the contrary, untrained dogs can be a menace in the house as they can always put your utensils as well as glass cutleries into peril. This is the reason why most people prefer to get their dogs trained from a pet resort.

Activities at pet resorts

There are a wide range of activities which are done at a pet resort. Some of these are agility based whereas the others are stamina based. Every dog has to go through these tests from time to time so that the owner can actually see progress in their pet.

The staffs at dog resorts are immensely hospitable and treat the dogs as if they are their owners. The dogs are pampered well and fed highly nutritious food as well. All this ensures that the dog gets to stay in an environment which it prefers and at the same time, learns numerous tactics. Pet training camps are based all around the world and these are one of the best places to train your pet dog.

How economical are pet resorts?

One does not have to spend much in order to enrol their dogs at a pet resort. The whole package is quite economical as per the needs of a middle-class family which is why; most of the people who take their pet dogs to pet resorts for training are not just restricted to those higher strata of the society.

Altogether, in order to give your dog the best form of training, there might not be a better place than pet resorts.

Today’s guest post is contributed by Josey White, an animal lover. She is a freelance writer who shares important information through her articles. She also has a part time job at a doggie day care and boarding centre.

Do you come home to a rambunctious dog when you return from work? Perhaps your day has been especially stressful and all you really want to do is have a glass of wine or beer and vegg-out in front of the television. Instead you find yourself going for a run or taking a trip to the dog park just to satisfy your pet’s attention needs.
If this sounds like your dog, a Doggie Day Care might solve both of your problems. Dogs have for centuries been bred and trained to work. Herders, protectors and hunting companions; these animals have been on the move from sun up to sun down. Now unfortunately, just like their human companions dogs have become couch potatoes. Without proper exercise, attention and stimulation any mild mannered dog will develop behavior problems.
If you are trying to decide about putting your dog in day care; take a day off from work and visit a few. Interview the owner/manager to see what goes on during the day. If you find the daycare facility inviting chances are your dog will too. Get an idea of what kind of activities your dog will participate in during the day. There should be plenty of toys for all sizes of dogs. If there is a lingering odor or insufficient ventilation this could signal a lack of disease control. Staffing; one staff member for every 10 to 15 dogs is recommended. Room to run; each dog should have 75 to 100 square feet of play area.
There will be some restrictions as to what type of dog will be accepted into a dog daycare environment. If your dog has bitten or been overly aggressive with other dogs they may not be allowed in. Females in heat and unneutered males will not be permitted in a group setting. Unvaccinated puppies and any dog with visible signs of illness will not be accepted into the facility.
The goal of doggie daycare is multi-facetted. First, is to give the dog the socialization and stimulation he or she needs to be healthy and happy. Secondly, to rid each owner of the feelings of guilt about leaving their precious pet home alone. Finally, when you pick your dog up at daycare after work they will be as tired as you are and be willing to curl up with you for a relaxing evening.

The Benefits Of Doggie Daycare Centers

Doggy day care centers have become very popular in recent years. They are no longer just for wealthy dog owners, but can make life more fun for every dog. Just like children’s daycare, doggy daycare comes with several benefits both for the dog and the owner.
Keeping Active
If you work for long hours and spend a lot of your day away from home, it can be hard to find time to exercise your dog. You may also find that your dog becomes bored and lonely, and may engage in unwelcome behaviors such as digging or barking. In a doggy care facility, there is plenty of jumping, running and playing. And dogs love it!  Another advantage is that the company of other dogs alleviates the boredom of your home alone pooch.
Keeping Clean

There are various factors to consider when selecting a doggy daycare center. Hygiene is one of the key elements to look for, as well as how happy the dogs look. The facility should smell clean and the dogs should be relaxed and show no signs of stress or anxiety. Big and small dogs should have separate play areas to prevent the little ones getting hurt. There should also be rest areas for dogs to relax after a busy playtime.
Keeping Healthy
Many doggie day care centers are held indoors in large buildings. This will protect your dog from bad weather, but make sure that the conditions inside the building are controlled. Such buildings can become very hot in summer, and this isn’t pleasant for dogs.
Health screening is important to ensure that the facility only welcomes healthy dogs.  The center should restrict dogs with contagious conditions until they are fully recovered. All dogs should be up to date with vaccinations, flea control and worming treatments. This will make sure your dog is not at risk of contracting any diseases. Ask the staff at the center what arrangements are made for medical emergencies should they arise. It’s essential that veterinary care is available quickly if needed.
Keeping Safe

The staff at the facility should be experienced in caring for dogs, and have a good understanding of dog behavior. Playtimes should be supervised so that the dogs do not hurt each other. Staff may also offer training in obedience or even agility while your dog is in their care, or they may offer to bathe or groom him for you.

If you choose the right doggie daycare center for your much loved pooch, you’ll be able to go to work knowing he has company, and he’ll have fun playing with his canine buddies. He’ll come home tired and happy, and you’ll feel less stressed, knowing he’s not lonely while you’re out and about.

Susan Wright is an experienced veterinarian, a electronic dog fence expert, a home owner and a freelance writer. Dr. Wright often shares tips on ways to keep your dog safe when your home or away.

Finding A Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycare is a good idea for many people and their dogs. If you work, as most of us do, and you can’t be home with your dog all day, doggy daycare can be helpful, especially if you have a dog who is anxious or destructive when left home alone. Finding a doggy daycare is not always easy though, depending on where you live. In addition, when considering a doggy daycare, you will want to check it out to make sure they will take good care of your dog.


Finding a good daycare for your dog

There are several ways you can find a doggy daycare in your area. Check your phone book under listings such as “dog daycare,” “kennels,” and “boarding.” Some boarding kennels offer doggy daycare and they will advertise their service under their kennel listing.


You can also ask other pet professionals such as veterinarians and pet groomers. They are likely to know of doggy daycares in your area. Ask at your local pet stores and check bulletin boards for ads there. Some of the bigger pet store chains even offer dog daycare services.


Finally, you can go online and see if there are doggy daycares advertised in your area. Your odds of finding doggy daycares advertised online are probably best if you live in a larger urban area, but some places advertise in suburban and rural areas, too.


Check the place out

Not all doggy daycares are the same and you sometimes hear about such places that do not take good care of the dogs. Before you trust your dog to a doggy daycare, ask around about the place you intend to use. Visit the place in person. Drop by without warning in the middle of the day. Talk to other clients. Make sure that the place where you intend to leave your dog for hours each day will take good caer fo him.


There are no licenses or credentials required to open a doggy daycare so anyone can take in dogs and call themselves a doggy daycare. You don’t have to be a dog trainer to care for dogs well, but a good doggy daycare should have facilities that are large enough for the dogs to play and rest; the ability to separate the dogs; plenty of toys; and they should have enough people to play with and help with the dogs. Make sure the facilities are clean and pleasant, too.


After you find a doggy daycare

Once you start taking your dog to the doggy daycare, pay attention to how your dog likes the place. Is he happy to go there everyday? Does he seem to like the people there? Does he get along well with the other dogs? Once again, an unannounced visit occasionally is a good idea to see how your dog is being treated. If he is being kept in a crate all day, you should find another doggy daycare. If your dog comes home with bites or scratches, you need to ask questions. Dogs should be supervised when they play together and fighting should not be a common occurrence.


With a little searching you should be able to find a doggy daycare in your area. Take time to check it out before you take your dog there. Then follow up and make sure that your dog is being treated well.


Article by Nancy Cope. Owner of Pampered-Dog-Gifts.com and online dog boutique for your pampered pooch.