With the hectic lives we live, it gets harder and harder to keep the family together. Everybody is constantly busy and there are days when we hardly get to see our loved ones. But, love is what keeps us going, so that’s what softens the blow.
Having crazy working hours, my husband and I hesitated about having a dog. The kids wanted one badly, so, we came up with a solution – we will buy them one, but they will need to take care of it. And that’s how this whole having-a-dog-odyssey started.
You would think that having a dog just added to the pressure of keeping everything in order. Actually, it didn’t. In fact, we are all more bonded now. Our dog has this wonderful energy that makes us all happy, even in our most stressful.
If you also have a dog, or are thinking of getting one, here are some useful things that will help you see why having a dog is a wonderful thing.
Even if you are crazy busy, you have to get home sometime, don’t you? And, when you do, you have your children happy to see you and your new furry friend. He jumps all over you, excited that you have lived through yet another hard work at the office. Yep, the fella gets your pain! Joke aside, when weekends come, you and your family get to spend some quality time together and play. The dog brings about a homey atmosphere that tends to lack from time to time. Its joyful barks and hops will certainly bring a smile to your face! Even when you want to have some time alone with your thoughts, but you don’t feel like wandering the streets alone like a crazy person, you can take your dog for a walk and enjoy it!
Having your kid take care of the dog, teaches him/her responsibility. Your child will learn how to think of some other “person” but him/herself. Plus, if we are talking of an only child, your dog will play a sibling substitute and make your child happy. Taking a dog for a walk, feeding it, bathing, etc. occupies your child and this kind of family dynamics is great. Your partner and you can engage in making dinner and choosing a movie while your kid is occupied with the dog, just to later have everybody around the table, enjoying warm family atmosphere.
Staying happy and active
Having a dog is amazing because not only your child but the whole family can organize a back yard party where you do some fitness or dancing together! Make a little barbeque, dance, exercise, capture all this on film or photos and have some amazing memories with those you love the most! Invite some friends, too. Why not!
Picnic time!
If there is a nice park or a beach nearby your home, organize a family picnic! This will be a wonderful time to bond with your family, to catch up with your family members, maybe even plan a family vacation… and have your dog run free along the beach/shore! Be sure your kid will join your doggy’s playful activities and so should you!

Catherine Daniels of http://www.boomerangpetfood.com.au/ Huge animal lover and a proud owner of pug Cookie, her hiking companion.