What Encourages A Dog To Dig Holes

Dogs have many undesirable behaviors – digging holes is one of them. An owner has to live with this destructive behavior because digging, like chewing and barking is a natural behavior of dogs. Whenever given a chance, a dog will dig. Of course dogs are not aware that digging holes will make the master angry thus the pet that is always eager to please would rearrange the landscaping and would meet the master with a very proud look on its face.

Dogs are affectionate pets that have the desire of pleasing the master and digging holes can be its way of repaying the master for all the love and the care it has received. We love our pets but surely we do not love their destructive behaviors. Dog owners would always want to be with the pet thus locking the dog in a kennel to prevent it from digging holes will not be a very good idea. What about recognizing the reasons why the dog digs? Dealing with the reasons why the dog digs can be a better solution to modify the destructive behavior.

The dogs’ unwanted digging behavior will always be attributed to boredom. Most of the undesirable behaviors of dogs were developed because of boredom. Dogs, apart from being energetic are social animals as well. Digging holes is only one of the destructive behaviors dogs will develop if not given the opportunity to expend excess energies or the chance to interact with the human family.

Dogs would always want to receive attention from the family but because of tight schedules, pet owners may not have the time to bond with the pet thus the destructive digging behavior will be developed. The irate master would scold the dog but in a dog’s thinking, reprimand would be better than being ignored. A dog would dig holes to escape confinement. Dogs love to roam. The sounds, the scents and the movements on the other side of the fence will always be interesting to an animal with a curious nature and we know how curious dogs are. To get to the other side, the dog will dig tunnels.

Digging is fun for the dog. Dogs are often seen digging when the weather is hot. A newly dug hole will be cool to the heated body of the dog. In the wild, these animals would dig holes to hide the prey. If we store our foods in refrigerators, dogs would use holes for storage purposes. Dogs will dig holes to bury and store bones and other foods that will be dug again during the rainy days.

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