My dog, Brutus, is pampered like a small child. I have made sure that he gets the best of treatment. I guess that was not enough because I sensed he was restless about something and that’s when I started searching for answers. I stumbled upon a simple fact that I had so easily overlooked that Brutus needed a cozy spot of his own where he could retreat. He needed his own BED! My immediate reaction was to look out for “dog beds” how difficult could it be? It was time for my second shock. Did you know that there are varieties of dog beds you can choose from?

I have tried to compile them hoping to cover if not all then at least most of them as it might prove useful for you and your pet.

Standard Dog Beds

It looks more like a cushion or pillow sans the edges or rims. You can find them in various shapes, sizes and colors. They are filled with polyester and/or foam padding in round, oval, rectangle and square shape.

Nest Dog Beds

If your dog likes to curl up or lean back then nest dog beds is your best bet. It is similar to standard dog beds, with the advantage of having raised edges. They look more like sofas or couches with its soft cushion intact. You can either have all sides raised like a box or raise one side and let your dog take support against it. Many dogs- both large and small find these beds comfortable.

Donut Dog Beds

Let your dog curl and sink in the cuddliest bed possible. Donut beds are made of round or oval shape with soft materials. The bed is designed in such a manner that it is enclosed to provide dogs a specific place for curling rather than tossing around the whole bed. It is ideal for big dogs but old or weak dogs might find it difficult.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

If your dog is growing old, suffering from arthritis, joint pain or any other kind of orthopedic problems, then these beds are made exclusively for them. These beds are also recommended for thin and bony dogs like Greyhounds and Whippets. Extra care is taken while preparing it to ensure that your dog feels comfortable. It is made up of high quality thick foam that provides extra support to their body and relieves joint pressure.

Kennel Dog Beds

These beds are made to fit kennels and crates of different shapes and sizes. It comes handy for dogs that normally prefer spending their maximum amount of time in a kennel or crate. What can be a better option than converting their best place to a cozy comfortable bed?

Covered Dog Beds

It appears more like a house or tent and works as a hideout and retreat place for your dog. The bed inside it either has plush bedding or a standard bed place. It has been noticed that small dogs, generally prefer these types of beds.

Heated Dog Beds

Heated beds can be highly therapeutic for dogs having achy joints. These beds work like heating pads or electric blankets, protecting them from the cold climate. It has an internal heating element that needs to be plugged into an outlet, which in returns provides warmth to your dog. If you are in a cool region and want to give your dog a warm and peaceful sleep, then this is your best bet.

Phew! Exhaustive list, isn’t it? Now that you know that there are so many types of beds available, you can decide the best one for your dog.


Author Bio-

This article is written by Jessica Reynolds, a freelance writer, a travel enthusiast and a not so proud owner of a spoilt pug who she loves more than anything in this world. She says even though she has brought one of the finest dog beds for her dog still he likes sleeping beside her.