Canine owners today have much more alternatives than ever of methods to train their family dog. One of the easiest and most satisfying methods is through the employment of the e-collar. The gear is simple, and offers an array of benefits to busy pet owners wanting to enjoy their dog even more. No longer the aversive shock collar of the past, today’s modern day electronics provide dog lovers a harmless approach to page their dog to return when called. 

By means of engineering improvements the gear is now being used as a wireless communication system between owner and their dog friend. Several expert trainers consider the e-collar roughly the same as having an invisible leash upon the canine. An invisible leash capable of stretching out 100’s of yards and more. No tangles and nothing to hold onto except the tiny, pocket sized remote. This offers less worry as well as greater freedom to take pleasure from off leash time with your canine when hiking, romping by the pool or visiting the park. By means of simple training techniques your dog will learn to return when called with just one voice command. 

The e-collar also provides frustrated dog owners a rapid and stress free way of teaching their canine better manners. Through the tap of a button you can utilize low-level stimulation to interrupt any kind of nuisance behavior. Your dog experiences a strange tingling or pulse sensation that’s not painful, but is merely annoying enough to dissuade excessive barking or that excited jumping that occurs when visitors try and say hello to your pet. Having the capacity to interrupt unwelcome behaviors easily and consistently permits your pet to learn rapidly.
The main element to success in using an e-collar is based on learning ways to use the equipment correctly. It is very important for you to go through the manual that accompanies the collar before starting and if possible seek guidance from experienced professionals. Just like any  technology, the device has great potential when the user takes time to be familiar with the many functions and available options. Teaching your pet dog how to respond to the wireless communication should not be stressful. A leash or long line is needed in the early guiding to help your canine know what is expected. Treat rewards, praise and toys should remain essential components of the training environment.

With a bit of knowledge and the proper tools it will only take 2-3 weeks for you to be on your way to a better relationship with your pet dog. Using an e-collar as an invisible leash will help keep your canine friend safe and improve all those fun adventures together!