Seizures of unknown basis are typically observed in usually healthy pets aged between the ages of one and five years. This ‘ideopathic epilepsy’ is much more abundant in certain breeds – especially Irish Setters, Springer Spaniels, Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds where canines are concerned. Pet cats, however, don’t go through grand mal seizures quite as often except if they have been afflicted by poisoning, head trauma or perhaps reduced blood sugar (diabetes).

Pet seizures are a somewhat worrying thing to witness, despite the fact that they may be through in a few moments. It is generally recommended that you take your pet to the animal medical practitioner if your pet has seizures frequently.

Together with any medicine your veterinarian may prescribe, you might also need to think about giving your pet a natural supplement to help support the animal’s neural system and help regulate the normal temperature mechanisms in the animal.

PetAlive’s EaseSure is a 100% healthy mixture of herbal and homeopathic elements that are especially picked to support the animal’s brain and neurological system. They may be used on their own or in a supporting capacity with the prescription remedies given by your veterinarian.

EaseSure contains the following plant based treatments which have been utilized for generations in traditional medicine:

Passionflower is a herb which is utilized to promote calmness and support the regular balance of the nervous system. It is customarily thought to be nature’s tranquilizer and it has the additional benefit of being completely natural and without side-effects.

Skullcap acts as a herbal pick-me-up that has been typically employed to counter sensations of being ‘overwhelmed’ because of its calming properties. It’s thought to promote the healthy equilibrium existing in the mind and plays a part in the preservation of a well-balanced nature.

Hyoscyamus is a homeopathic treatment that has common mental and emotional characteristics running through its various expressions. It may help to give a feeling of well-being to the sick pet.

Belladonna is believed to have calming effects on creatures that are regarded as ‘jumpy’ and irritable.

Cuprum Mettalicum is an additional homeopathic preparation which helps the central nervous system and in addition encourages routine digestive function.

EaseSure comes in a tincture form and can thus be given as drops in your dog or cat’s food as a long-term support health supplement. For more acute instances, half the recommended dosage may be combined with water and squirted or spooned straight into the animal’s mouth – repeat after five mins if required.

PetAlive’s EaseSure isn’t an alternative to the medication your veterinarian prescribes – it is used as a supportive treatment. When used regularly, you should observe a noticable difference in your animal’s general well-being within 3-6 weeks.