Dog emergency care

Dog owners would attest to the fact that the care given to the pet is almost like the care given to babies. This kind of care is really not surprising given that dogs are treated as the well loved baby of the family. In spite of this kind of care, accidents and ailments that endanger the life of the pet happen. This is why anyone that has decided to get a dog for a pet has to realize that a plan on what must be done in case the dog needs emergency care has to be formulated

Because of the awareness for pets’ health most areas would have veterinary facilities that provide 24 hour service. Knowing the location and the contact numbers of the nearest center would be one of the responsibilities of a dog owner. Because dogs are wonderful companions, they are taken wherever the master goes. An injured or sick pet that needs emergency care while on the road would be a harrowing experience for the dog owner. This situation can be avoided by planning ahead. A list of the nearest emergency care clinics would at least assuage the fear of the owner for the safety of the pet.

Along with the ready contact numbers of emergency care facilities, a dog owner also has to have emergency preparedness. It would be vitally important for a dog owner to be prepared before the medical emergency occurred. Aside from the contact numbers of veterinary facilities, this preparation involves a working knowledge of the symptoms of the most common canine illnesses, the competence to administer first aid and any necessary emergency care and also the measures that will prevent the occurrences of the emergency situation.

Emergency care would give the pet a good chance of survival but how would an owner know if the pet needs help? Excessive bleeding will be easily noticed. Other signs that the dog need emergency care would be pale gums, abnormal body temperature, rapid breathing and weak pulse. A seizing dog or one that has lost consciousness will certainly need emergency care.

If you have recognized the symptoms the pet is manifesting and you know that emergency care is necessary, can you help the pet? As is to be expected, a vet’s expertise will right the situation the dog is in but a vet may not always be available thus the task of stabilizing the pet will fall on the hands of the owner. First aid has to be administered to stop severe bleeding. Another situation that would need first aid is blockage in the airways. Emergency care would be vital in saving the life of the pet but these first aid methods have to be intelligently used lest the method cause the dog more harm than good.

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