Getting Dog Food for Grandma

Ever since my grandmother moved in across town (she used to have a house three states away), I’ve been supporting her quite a bit with wee errands and household matters. I’m glad to have the opportunity to get things done for her. You couldn’t imagine a better grandma. One of the items that I assist her with is groceries . I don’t mind grocery shopping, and it’s something that’s often been seriously tense for her. The one element about it that has been challenging is getting the food she needs for her dog. The nearby grocery chain she buys most of her things from doesn’t sell Evo dog food, the brand she prefers. Which means that I need to run an extra trip out to the pet store that’s about 20 mins away. On top of that, she buys the dog food in bulk to save money, and my back simply can’t handle the load.

So this week , I signed her up for automated dry dog food delivery . They carry her brand, plus about 25 other grain free dog food brands (she chose Evo because it’s grain free) if she at any time does decide to switch. But once I told her concerning it, expecting her to be as excited as I was, she was obviously really dismayed. I asked her what was wrong, and she informed me that dealing with internet stores actually caused her a lot of anxiety. Naturally she made the best of it and said it almost certainly wasn’t that bad, and she’d certainly try it, but I still felt pretty awful about it . So I checked out  the website . Turns out, they  must have many customers who feel similarly, because these folks say right in their company info that if you don’t like dealing with online sellers, they’re happy to deal with your business over the phone . Needless to say, I was relieved, and so was my grandmother . She now adores the service, and finds the telephone operators tremendously helfpul.